Friends of Democracy Report

“Fighters of the Army of Mouhammad” Terrorize Citizens

An FoD correspondent in the Babel province writes:

A citizen who refused to give his name said he was threatened and blackmailed, along with other people, to pay over a million. Threat comes through messages left at citizens’ doors bearing the signature of what is called the “Fighters of the Army of Mouhammad.” This man had to use his personal monies for fear of being killed or kidnapped.

A police spokesman did not deny this, confirming that crimes of this sort have been occurring.

See the full report here.

I often see things along the lines of “What would Americans feel like if foreign soldiers were on our streets?” and “Would Americans want some foreign military power running our government?”. These are, in fact, good points and should not be ignored.

And how about some of these:

  1. How would Americans feel if our police officers were killed by outlaws simply for trying to establish law and order?
  2. How would Americans feel if our judges were assassinated on the streets?
  3. How would Americans feel if our polling centers *in schools* were bombed by suicidal fanatics desperate to keep voters from voting?
  4. How would Americans feel if suicide car bombers attacked the offices of one of our political parties?
  5. How would Americans feel if individual citizens were targeted with threats and all the police could do was say ‘Yep, that’s what’s happening’?

Would Americans demand that the soldiers all leave? That the elections be canceled because democracy won’t work here? That those foreign soldiers fighting and dying in an attempt to allow us to vote are just after our natural resources?