SotU 2005

MO’s executive summary personal opinions. In order:

  • He seemed more at ease than he usually does, I think. Confident since the Iraq elections went so well, perhaps?
  • I think I can live with the basic idea of his “spending discipline”.
  • Didn’t seem to be anything spectacular in health care.
  • Don’t know why more people don’t support nuclear power, but his basic statements on energy make sense.
  • What he said about immigration makes total sense. What he’s done about immigration is a crying shame.
  • Not sure what to think of Social Security. Not 100% sold on what I understand his plan to be, but those that are suddenly pretending that there’s no looming crisis have me more concerned.
  • At least he didn’t go on and on about marriage and then say it’s not about marriage like he did last year. I am personally opposed to SSM, but I don’t really care enough about it to vote for someone based upon their position on that issue.
  • He mentioned AIDS a bit. Whatever happened to that AIDS aid money for Africa?
  • With all that applause he got, I’m not sure why he didn’t get a big laugh out of Homeland Security. It’s the biggest joke around.
  • 28 nations with troops on the ground in Iraq. Down from 35 last year. 1 election in Iraq. Up since last year.
  • Well, I won’t call Condi Rice a snowball. But sending her on the mission to Israel to work on the Palestinian issue is like tossing one into Hell. No chance, even with Arafat dead. But wouldn’t that be something if Bush left office with real progress in that situation?
  • Syria. I’ve been telling you since March. Of 2003.
  • Did they fly Safia Taleb al-Suhail in just for the speech? Quite something.
  • Exit strategy. It’s been there all along. And they won’t listen this time either.
  • That was pretty emotional seeing Byron Norwood’s mom embraced by Safia Taleb al-Suhail. I wonder how the Libs will rip it apart.
  • Good. Not great.
  • Those Iraqi elections told me all I needed to know, anyway.