Gunny and the XM8

XM8 video from Mail Call (2.7MB .wmv 6:43 run time)

A reader kindly forwards me a capture of the XM8 segment that ran on Mail Call. It appears to be the same one that ran some time back, but still worth a look if you’re interested in such things.

If you’re going to link, please link to the this post and not directly to the video.

My hotlink protection apparently doesn’t seem to work correctly with video files, so I’ll be changing the file name every so often.

Thanks big-time to the reader who sent this in!

UPDATE: Plus, here’s a pic of R. Lee and a member of the hostage rescue team which will attempt to free captured American soldier John Adam:

If we can’t mock those silly bastards, then the terrorists have already won.

UPDATE 2: Well, it turns out that only 2:35 of the 6:44 video made it through. I’ll post the entire thing if I can, but until then I’ll leave the first part up there.

UPDATE 3: I received a full (but smaller image) video from the reader and have uploaded it instead of the partial one.


  1. hmmm…for whatever reason this copy of Mail Call gets cut short. :( but I am still not getting cable or satellite just for this. TV still isn’t good enough of a time waster.

  2. We don’t get Mail Call on our local version of the History channel (here in the mid east); so thanks for posting this segment. I always liked R. Lee’s presentations on whatever topic. Though…….I noticed the LTC giving R. Lee the briefing on the XM8 continually refered to it as the ‘gun’. What’s up with that you military guys (and gals!)! I always thought refering to your ‘weapon’ or ‘rifle’ as a ‘gun’ was some sort of HUGE taboo that would get your DI (like R. Lee! LOL!) to kicking your backside around boot camp twice?! Maybe I’ve been listening to too many tails, and watching too much Hollywood! LOL!

  3. Hearing about the XM-8…I was sceptical. Reading about the XM-8 on H&K’s web page…I was still skeptical. After watching that (and reading a few posts here and there) I’m now thinking…hmm…I want one of those. Awesome clip. I’ll have to track the whole thing down on the History Channel’s webpage. Again, thanks for the clip.

  4. Who’s selling this gun the Germans or the US Armed Forces?? Looks like all other weapon makers and designers can just go home. The US already has their minds made up on this HK-XM8 thing. How much did you guys get to run that ad anyways?

  5. I have to admit I was awfully disappointed when he went onwards from the garand and called the M14 and M16 series good weapons. Everyone knows the M1 is the one true rifle. If it’s good enough for killing Nazis, it’s good enough for me.

  6. I love the M1, the M14, the M16, and the M4. I’m very skeptical about the XM8 and hope it really is as good as the Army says it is. The 14, 4, and 16 ARE good systems if you know how to use them properly and have either time to make the shot or an off-hand scope like the ACOG. Lets hope the field tests work out well for our fighting guys out there.