A couple of Friday quickies

Dutch flag is unsafe at Dutch school: It might offend some Moroccan students.

Iraqis seize 16 trucks filled with Iranian weapons, explosives and cash for terrorists: I wonder if the percentage of stuff getting seized is increasing at all.

Iraq says to close its borders Feb. 17-22: I’d feel better if this read “Iraq says to close it’s borders Feb. – Nov.” but I guess you can’t have everything.

Howard Dean For DNC Chairman: As a Conservative, of course, I fully support Dean for the post. It might torpedo the next two or four years for the Dems, and it might get the Dems to realize they need to shift course a bit. I hope so on both counts.

Austrians sold 800 sniper rifles to Iran: If we ever have to invade Iran, all we’re going to hear about is how we sold weapons to the Shah in the 1970s, so we “armed” Iran.

First US Air Force Carrier: A picture, plus a pic of the Navy’s replacement for the one being shifted to the USAF.

Tsunami: Nearing $1 billion: The Stingy List is at 900.6 million so far.

Why Congressman Johnny Can’t Cut the Budget: Discouraging.

If this isn’t true… it should be: Argghhh! notes the story about Europeans sneering at the US sending a carrier to the tsunami region. And he notes that the USS RONALD REAGAN made her first stop in Pearl Harbor as part of the relief effort. He’s got a pic of the REAGAN, but don’t forget my pic at America and its stupid aircraft carriers.

Now get back to work.


  1. I would just like to say on the European sneering at the carrier that not all Europeans are like this. I am a German, and although I may not be the biggest fan of the Iraq Invasion, I would like to say that I find it truly honorable the massive effort and manpower the US military put into helping with tsunami disaster. No other nation had put so much manpower, and even the goods give by other organisation have often been distrubuted by the US helicopters, the only way to reach some of the victims. We thank the Americans for thier reaction to this disaster.

  2. In reaction to the Steyr sniper rifles- Why so many? Unless they are going to be used for guerilla warfare, I cannot see the need for so many rifles. But then again I do not know how large their army is. By the way, anyone know what kind of rifle they bought?

  3. The USAF aircraft carrier was TOO funny. I’m sure an overwhelming AF retaliatory strike on the picture creator is being planned as we speak! LOL! Vstress….the only sniper rifle Steyr has offered (to the best of my incomplete knowledge) is the SSG; viewable below: http://www.steyr-mannlincher.com/index.php?id=623

  4. OK……..I can’t spell Deutsch very well. LOL! http://www.steyr-mannlicher.com/index.php?id=623