Despite appearances, this isn’t a scam

Free Mac Mini!

A number of other bloggers have successfully completed offers at this place, so I’m giving it a try. I signed up, answered a bunch of their survey questions, and joined one of the offers.

minimac.jpgNow I just need to get ten others to do likewise and I get a free 80GB Mac Mini. Each of the ten that join through my referral code can then earn their own free Mac Mini when they get ten more to join up.

Once you create your account at Freeminimacs, you have twenty different offers to choose from. Although I imagine they change from time to time, the current lineup looks pretty good to me and consists of various music clubs, movie clubs, credit cards, book clubs, and periodicals.

I selected the Blockbuster Online movie club, since I had been considering joining anyway. You qualify for the same new-member offers that non-Freeminimac customers get.

I joined up on Monday afternoon, and I’ve already watched Open Water and Troy. They’re in the mailbox to go back and I should receive my next two movies by the middle of next week.

Anyway, I’m curious about the new Mac Mini, but wasn’t real keen to spend the $500 to test drive one (or the $600 for the faster one with a bigger drive). So this seems like quite a deal.

If you are thinking about joining Blockbuster Online, Columbia House DVD Club, BMG Club, Real Rhapsody, or Cheap Trips (among others), why not sign up for the Free Mac Mini deal while you’re doing so? If you’re motivated and have a few friends, you should eventually score a free Apple. (If not, at least help me score one.)

So follow this link, join up, answer a few survey questions, and complete an offer. Then bring on the Macs.

(This is the better of the two Mac Mini models. The one with the 1.42GHz G4 and the 80GB hard drive.)

Just be sure to follow my link. Right now I have a Blogad running for it, though that won’t be permanent. If you’re unable to find the link, click here.


  1. What’s a Mac? Is that a revival of those old Apple II computers? Those guys are still around??? I heard they’re trying something similar with the Amiga.

  2. KTLA: I think a Mac Mini is sort of an Apple II++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++. Like the Apple II, it doesn’t come with a monitor or a mouse. Unlike the Apple, it doesn’t even have a keyboard. So it’s really sort of a step backwards, I think. But hey, the price is right. Vstress: >>> ? ?

  3. Seriously, the mini is Apple’s best move in recent history. For the first time, they’ve offered a computer that is functional *and* you don’t have to take out a loan to buy! The LCD iMacs were always nice, but way, way, way too expensive! Boutique computers like the Mac were never going to get above 1-2% of market share. Seriously, they are currently asking for $1,300 for a basic system with a 17′ screen, 256MB or RAM and a GeForce 5200??? (Don’t even get me started on the value/dollar breakdown of the PowerMacs!) With the mini, Apple might break the 3-4% share barrier! It’s not Windows keepin’ them down, it’s the inability to efficiently produce a quality product for any sort of cost that regular people could afford. Looks like they might have done it this time, but they also need to keep a really close eye on Dell to learn how to keep costs down. And moving to AMD64 chips instead of the Power chips would help as well.