MCR at SHOT Show

Cobb SCAR Candidate/MCR Prototype Weapons at SHOT Show 2005

I totally forgot to link to Defense Review’s awesome post on the Multi-Caliber Rifle (MCR) which was in the running at one time for the Special Operations Command’s Combat Assault Rifle. Tons of pics. Tons.

Go look.


  1. Effectively a knights sr-25, and also copying the limited edition carbine version. Then someone decided to develop it to more diverse calibers. Or am i wrong?

  2. I’m still completely baffled by the military NOY choosing to go with caseless telescoped round in a new weapon this time around. ‘BUT’ there’s no arguing the 7.62 x 51 has WAY more grunt than the 5.56. I’m sure if Mr. Jihadist ends up on the business end of this 7.62 beast……….he won’t have long to contemplate the last BAD decision of his life. LOL! OK………that humor was too off key……..I feel bad now.

  3. but 7.62 is only good for gpmg’s, in an assault rifle its to over powered (this has been know since before it became NATO std), you cant get multiple rounds on target quickly.

  4. In response to C. Shirk I’ll link you to a good page: If you found that interesting, you should have a look at this page, especially the sr-47:

  5. Colin, your comment about it only being good for GPMGs is not totally correct. With current technologies, the recoil for a 7.62×51 round is controllable, or more controllable than it used to be. With a good recoil compensator, and the internal workings of an AR/M16 style rifle, considerable recoil forces are ‘damped’ to reasonable levels. I’ve fired a few AR-10’s and the recoil was not in any way excessive. I fired three ten-round strings (very quickly, and with iron sights) and all hit within a 5′ circle. This was at 35 meters, on a calm day. Shots were aimed, yet rapid. If you went with a 3 rd. burst, as is the current custom for U.S. arms, it’s still going to give you 2 to the chest, 3rd may be high, but that’s a matter of the shooter, and skill.

  6. the XM8 works on full auto by knetic energy i should know iam in the navy seals and i am 32 it works and yes sir you are right about the cleaning lube it is not as valued as the m4a1 lube.