Photos of 1-5 MARINES

The 03/31/2005 Frontline Photos has a ton of 1-5 Marines in Ramadi (which isn’t exactly easy duty yet), including this one of a Marine clearing an IED with the help of a robot:


It appears to be a Talon robot, though I imagine there are several different models in use and that many of them look quite similar.

UPDATE: Link fixed. Sorry. Thanks to the readers who pointed it out, even if one of them (no, not you b33f) was a jerk about it.


  1. Murdoc, It’s racist (in the truest sense of the term) remarks like ‘…many of them look quite similar’ that will fuel the robots’ hatred of humanity in the coming decades. Nevertheless, we’ll see about getting you a rack and some living space in the Ministry’s culture bunker, the Catastratorium.

  2. The link ht is slightly bugged, to use it, remove the ‘ht’ on the very start so it says: instead