Just another day in Africa

Deadly Ebola-like virus spreading in Angola


The worst-ever outbreak of the deadly virus Marburg has killed 173 people in Angola, mainly children under age five, and is spreading, the World Health Organization said on Friday.

If things keep going like they’ve been going lately, when my kids are my age they’re going to be thinking that Africa, not the Middle East, is the part of the world most in need of straightening out.

And, even more than today’s Middle East, it will be because people let it get into that state by largely ignoring the troubles as they piled up.

Although the world is currently at war (though most folks don’t seem to realize it) its not balanced on the edge of a knife like it was during the Cold War. Serious attention to Africa today wouldn’t threaten to destabilize the whole planet like major policy shifts in the Middle East would have in the past. At least not in a destructive way.

It’s no accident that many of our enemies have havens on the African continent. The rats go where the light doesn’t shine so brightly. And there’s almost no light at all on Africa. (story via a reader)