UPDATE: Campaign medals, then

Pentagon clarifies rules for GWOT Expeditionary medal

As of April 30th, US soldiers will not earn the Global War On Terror Expeditionary medal for service in Iraq or Afghanistan as service there will earn the new medals for those campaigns.

I’m still not sure that this was the right thing to do, but it’s done.


  1. About the time that we (6th Engineer Support Battalion as part of I MEF) were winding up operations in June ’03 I was taking care of some mind-numbing paperwork and while in the CP tent noticed an interesting printout hanging on the bulletin board that was used for maradmins and such, it showed the medal that we all would be receiving for busting our asses in Iraq…the GWOTEM. After asking a few fellow Marines what they thought of the idea of lumping all operations in support of the WOT under one friggin’ ugly eye sore of a medal. It’s a damn rainbow for crying outloud. I believe a consensus was come to. Marines hate it. I look at it as completely ambigious. Precedent has been set that has major operations get their own unique medal to signify the importance of their occurance. I want to wear a medal that let’s people know where I was. I want to be proud of something that says I served during a dangerous time and in a place where some of my brothers didn’t come back. The SCROTUM does nothing but lump you in with a million other servicemen and women operating all over the world. Thus far Afghanistan and Iraq are the core of the WOT. You went from the campaign medals of WWI and WWII to medals for Korea, to medals for Vietnam, the Philippines, Bosnia, Kosovo. We even have a friggin medal from Saudia Arabia for squattin’ on their boarder. Why wouldn’t you issue a medal for Iraq or Afghanistan? Here’s a thought for Marines to ponder. When the Marine Corps Memorial in DC is updated to include the recent history of the Marines, will it say ‘War on Terror’ or will it include the countries and battles of our present day. My guess is the countries of Afghanistan and Iraq will be carved on it’s side.