More on the Terrorism Report

NCTC Terrorism Study: Huh??

Armed Liberal at Winds of Change notes the annual National Counterterrorism Center report (you know, the one that was hushed up) and is less than impressed with the methodology:

I have a significant problem with this; it’s a simple one – we’re at war in Iraq (and to a much lesser degree in Afghanistan). It’s a war with an army that has adopted terrorism as a tactic, and that freely uses it when civilians are the only ones likely to be killed – as opposed to guerrilla warfare against our or Iraqi armed forces, in which it is possible that civilians will inadvertently or carelessly be killed.

It’s insane to conflate these incidents and count them alongside acts of terrorism in the United Kingdom.

He wants a nation by nation database of the numbers that could be analyzed in a meaningful way.

To use the level of terrorist attacks in Iraq as a global yardstick is like measuring gunshot deaths in France in 1941-42 and assuming that they represent a trend in the murder rate in Western Europe.

I’m opposed to canceling publication of the report, but a better report would be quite welcome.

And increased terror activity doesn’t necessarily mean we’re losing the war, as many would have you believe, anyway. This struggle is going to go on for a long, long time, folks. It’s a World War (the fourth one, by my reckoning), and it’s really just getting started.