So it wasn’t a sausage after all

FBI: Grenade at Bush speech could have exploded

Earlier, I suspected that the grenade supposedly tossed at Bush while he was in Georgia wasn’t even a grenade. I was wrong.

It would take quite a bit of luck to cause serious damage to someone 100 feet away from a grenade, but there no doubt would have been loss of life and carnage among those nearer.

I don’t really know what they mean by “could have exploded”. Does that mean that the pin had been pulled and it just plain didn’t go off? Or does that simply mean that it’s a real grenade and not a replica (or a sausage) like some thought?


  1. CNN reported that it may have been ‘a light strike on the blasting cap induced by a slow deployment of the spoon activation device,’ causing the grenade to not go off.

  2. Color me ‘still skeptical.’ The stories have been both misleading and uniformed consistently on this ‘grenade.’ I have no reason to believe they have suddenly become credible with the passage of more time.