Gee…I hope everyone’s okay

Two car bombs detonated prematurely

Two cars wired for sound in Mosul blew early.

Iraqi Police investigated the scene seizing four RPG rounds, one RPG launcher, five grenades, one grenade launcher, and small arms ammunition recovered from the second car bomb. No Iraqi civilians or ISF injuries were reported.

That’s a relief, but, alas:

Two terrorists were killed

Sigh. Oh, well. I guess it could have been worse.

Only one terrorist could have been killed, for instance.


  1. Sorry. The dog ate my book. How many virgins do the terrorists get for effort? 1/2 of the regular 72? 1/4?

  2. Lousy amateurs. Didn’t their mommas ever tell them: Practice makes perfect!

  3. Toejam.. you never cease to make me laugh :) (Murdoc, maybe this should have been listed on the humor category aswell)

  4. Thanks for the complement Vstress. I always had dreams of becoming a ‘stand up’ comedian, but at my age I have to settle for being a ‘Sit down’ Joker. Mostly on the ‘john’! PS: The Riddler of The 1960’s Batman show (Frank Gorshin) passed away a couple of days ago. I figure many folks are too young to remember him.