Not an Iraqi Special Forces soldier



An Iraqi soldier walks past a house in the village of Ajil Sharqia, Iraq, on Wednesday during a raid there. Forty-two Iraqi special forces soldiers, supported by 18 U.S. Special Forces troops, rounded up 23 suspects from this village as part of ‘Operation Lightning’. The operation, launched Sunday, involves some 40,000 security forces and is aimed at ending the rash of suicide bombings.

Despite the caption, I’m pretty confident that this ISN’T an Iraqi special forces soldier. (from the June 1 Frontline Photos)


  1. I’m going to have to agree with you 100%, there. Someone isn’t up on their military recognition.

  2. So what’s your reasoning? Some of the Iraqi SF teams are being wholly supplied by the U.S. military.

  3. I don’t know what Murdoc’s or Aevion’s reasoning is, but from my observation he looks like an American as well. 1) It’s the weapon. Looks to me like an M-4. Vertually every Iraqi I’ve seen is toten an AK. 2) The knee & elbow pads. Never saw an Iraqi wearing them. 3) Maybe it’s just his ‘kick-ass’ stance.

  4. uh, who cares?’ Says: The Jew Newsweek probably, if they can figure a way to digitally enhance the photo showing the guy stepping on the Koran!