Just got home and saw that a reader tipped me off to this:

IRS considers ditching dreaded 1040

UPDATE: Hold on a sec. Looks like even if they drop the 1040 they’re still going to collect taxes. Bummer.

UPDATE 2: Upon reading even more, this appears to be some sort of scheme where the IRS would do your return for you.

When. Hades. Freezes. Over.

They can have my 1040 when they pry my turbotax out of my cold, dead fingers.


  1. Sounds like the ‘new’ tax system is based on the P.A.Y.E. (Pay As You Earn) system used in Ireland and England. Basically it works like this: Most employees in Ireland pay tax through the PAYE (Pay As You Earn) system. This means that your employer deducts [ALL] the tax you owe directly from your wages, and pays this tax directly to the Revenue Commisioners. The Revenue Commissioners (I.R.S. to Americans) collect taxes from citizens on behalf of the Irish Government. For further details go to: http://www.oasis.gov.ie/employment/starting_work/tax_and_starting_work.html

  2. Well there’s nothing we can do about it since they took all of our automatic weapons. Just have to prey they do the right thing.

  3. Um, the federal assault weapons ban expired. States now regulate what you can own. The fed only requires that you pass a background check and pay a fee for the proper class permit.

  4. Besides, the AWB was a sham anyway. I know a guy at a gunshow who just got the last component to put together his Registered ‘Ma’ Duece’ this past weekend. Who needs full auto anyway. Semi works just fine in a firefight if you are using a round that actually STOPS the target instead of ‘just wounding him’ (in otherwords, anything bigger than the .223) Back on topic though, I’m with Murdoc, the day I trust someone else to do my taxes is the day they institute communisim and take away my guns. I belive income tax to be illigal according to the constitution anyway, but at least we have SOME recourse at this point. You give them direct control like that and you can kiss your paycheck goodbye.

  5. As a former IRS agent, I can tell you that this proposal is a huge deal and one if adopted will fundamentally change your rights as a tax payer. Under the current system, the tax payer supplies the IRS with their financial data and the IRS has the responsibility to verify that data and challenge specific claims the taxpayer makes. Realistically, the IRS cannot do that on a taxpayer by taxpayer basis. As a result, the IRS uses statistical deviations as a trigger for potential auditing action. In short, the taxpayer provides the data and the IRS has the burden to disprove the data. Under this system the roles are reversed. The IRS provides the taxpayer with financial data, and the taxpayer has the burden of validating the data and challenging the IRS claims. The taxpayer must ‘prove’ his tax claims to the IRS prior to the IRS ever auditing the tax payer. Under this system, taxpayers without tax knowlege or access to tax professionals will face the intimidating prospect of what is in effect, an audit. While on a superficial basis the prospect of not filing a 1040 return may appeal to some. This proposal converts all taxpayers that challenge IRS data into a class of taxpayers that are guilty till proven innocent.