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Battlewagons, flattops and obsolescence
MO regular reader (and Minister of Minor Perfidy) Buckethead has a lengthy post on battleships and the murky future of surface ships. Worth a read, including the comments section.

Critics lambaste Navy’s two-shipyard DDX plan
Speaking of surface combatants, the Navy wants a competition between the two destroyer/cruiser builders to determine which yard gets the DD(X) class. Many believe that this could mean the doom of the loser. Murdoc likes competition, but Murdoc also likes having more than one shipyard capable of building warships. And if one yard truly folds, won’t that hurt financially in the long run because of the lack of competition?

Battlefield robots saving lives, proving their worth in Iraq
How do we know that robots are valuable in Iraq? Because the enemy is trying to kill them. So I guess imitation is the second-highest form of praise. Targeting is the first. (via FR)

And why does everyone I know swear they’re living in the movie OFFICE SPACE?

$9.2M in Preparations for CVN 21 Construction
Construction on CVN-21, formerly CVN(X), will begin construction soon and be completed around 2013 or so. Murdoc is calling for the new ship to be named the AMERICA.

Defense Tech 3.5
Upgrades to the great site, including comments. DT should be on your daily read list.

Possums of Iraq, run for your lives!
Found in a house in Iraq:

They found the shotgun in the home of a man who claimed to be a local Iraqi policeman. The stock looked like it had been whittled from a chunk of scrap wood. The barrel was a section of plumbing pipe, strapped to the stock with a piece of black electric tape. The triggering mechanism was comprised of a couple of bent nails.

The owner said he used it for shooting rabbits. (I guess they don’t have possums in this part of the world.)

Capt. Jeff Cullen, the commander of Blackjack Battery, admitted respect for the gunsmith’s ingenuity. “I give him cool points for building the thing, but uncool points for keeping it here.”

Follow the link for a pic.

More later…

UPDATE: Okay, not really more. Just a mention that a couple of MO regular commenters showed up at the Ministry of Minor Perfidy’s post on battleships that I linked to above. If you didn’t catch all the comments, it’s probably worth a quick revisit.

I don’t know what it is about battleships, but they sure get people excited.


  1. Sounds like something right out of TM 31-210 (I could have sworn it used to be FM 75-200, but…). JG

  2. Joel: I’m thinking that whatever that weapon is, it won’t be in the competition with the XM8 to be the next standard US rifle. That’s really somehting.

  3. Hi to all, I just got done reading everthing in the world and came upon an article in army times.com about the stryker mgs. The problem for me is that I am not a subscriber, so, if you (MO) are, please investigate. I will check back on 6-10 for some scoop. As usual I love your site and make it a daily read. Keep up the good work. Rich

  4. Hey Murdoc: Noah Shachtman from Defense Tech here. I got a quick question for you. Drop me a line at , willya? Thanks! nms