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Papa’s got the baby blues: French men yearn for pregnancy

A recent survey claims to claim that 40% of French men “would, science permitting, like to become pregnant.”

Now, before you all go off with “that’s what I thought all along about the Froggies!” think about it. Did you REALLY, TRULY think that nearly half of the men in France “yearn for pregnancy”? I mean, come on.

And remember, this really means that 40% of French men WILL ADMIT that they yearn for pregnancy. How many more do but wouldn’t admit it? (And, for that matter, how many thought that was the stupidest thing they’d ever been asked and simply played along to mess with the pollsters?)

This is truly astounding if it’s actually true. But before all the “girlie men” jokes start, there’s this:

Eighty-six percent of the fathers queried said they were ready “to take a paternity leave of several months to live their fatherhood more intensely,” provided it caused “minimal financial impact.”

And 71 percent said they were prepared to “take a year-long sabbatical” or “request to work part time.”

It doesn’t say how many would want to become pregnant with maternity leave being the main reason.

Seven in ten French men would like more time off of work as long as it didn’t impact them financially, which is sort of a no-brainer, isn’t it? (via FR)


  1. I recently endured nearly a year of enforced, unpaid leave. I have to say that spending time with my two year old son was the major upside of the experience. Having very little money was the major downside – I would have gone back to work had I found suitable employment, but I very much enjoyed time in the park with my son whilst I was unemployed. If I could do it again – with no financial consequences, I’d jump at the chance.

  2. Buckethead: I’m sure that was great stuff, and your son is going to be much better for it. But the real question is: Would you become pregnant to score some maternity leave? Paid leave…

  3. five seconds, ten seconds… No. Not even for a year of paid leave, and I don’t work at McDonalds. A million, maybe. I already have a wife who can do that, and she is happy with most aspects of pregnancy, except for the month of throwing up early on, and the last couple hours.