Where is bin Laden hiding? CIA chief Goss says he has ‘excellent idea’

Goss might have an ‘excellent idea’, though I’m a bit skeptical. But he ain’t gonna tell anyone in the media about it unless he’s got a very specific reason for doing so. Give me a break.


  1. It’s long been suspected ObL is hiding in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Goss says we have to respect the sovereignty (never can remmember how to spell that) of other countries. I’m wondering what would have happened had Hitler hid in say, Switzerland, in WWII. Would we have respected the sovereignty of Switzerland, or if we’d have simply declared that any country which harbored a major enemy of the US was automatically the enemy of the US, and gone on in and got him. I’m thinking the latter. Goss would be better to just keep his mouth shut, rather than make such a lame statement. ObL is the motivator behind several attacks on the US, one kiling thousands in our homeland. If we know where ObL is, we should diplomatically request the country turn him over, allow a reasonable amount of time, then go get him, dead or alive. Goss’s comment is about as lame as Clinton saying he couldn’t accept ObL back in the 90s because he hadn’t violated any US law. (Hannity plays a tape of him saying that often.) Had Goss taken the opportunity to say nothing, I’d have no idea he was so milktoast and lame. We’re in a war, D#%&it!

  2. ACE: What you say makes sense, but who knows what game within a game within a game the spook types are playing? Goss could have just made a stupid remark. His remark could be meant as a message to ObL of some sort. Or it might be a message to those sovereign nations he mentioned. My point was that to pretend that he’s going to tell us anything isn’t realistic. Unless he means to tell us because it’s part of a plan of some sort. I know people mess up, but I’ve got to think this wasn’t accidental or unthinking.

  3. Murdoc, I too would like to think that was a carefully crafted statement designed to encourage a harboring country to evict ObL, but I’m afraid it’s just political or PR. The US has assembled the most powerful intelligence machine in the history of mankind, and can’t find its #1 enemy. It’s embarassing. So, let’s say we know where he is but cannot get him due to diplomatic constraints. Very Clintonesque and Kerryesque if you ask me. We couldn’t even find the Olympic bomber for years. A local police just stumbled upon him (or was tipped off). We NEED to capture ObL. World War IV is not going that well, either in the theatre or back home. Hate to quote Biden, but there is a gap between what the Administration and Pentagon is saying and what we’ll seeing on the ground. It’s starting to remind me of Vietnam. Syria is the equivalent of Cambodia. We’re afraid to go in there. The terrorists are being trained in Saudi Arabia, but we don’t want to alienate the Saudis. Fighters are also coming in from Iran, but it will soon be able to deliver nukes, so it gets a stay-out-of-jail card like NK. Only some Iraqis report insurgent hideouts. Others harbor them. Most polls show public support for the war in Iraq to be waning, with less than 40% supporting it now. Capturing/killing ObL would re-convince the American public that we’re winning WWIV, as you call it. It would quiet those who say we lost focus in the War on Terror when we attacked Iraq, which had nothing to do with the WTC attack. It would show them that we’re flushing out the rats and capturing or killing them. If we know where ObL is, we should send in the most appropriate unit, depending on where he is (Seals, Delta Force, Marines, 82nd, 101st) and kill or capture him — SCAT! In the meantime, we can work on providing a better roach motel at Gitmo. It seems it’s a Motel 8 when the bad guys expected a Holiday Inn. ACE out.