Rover, red Rover…let Sandy come over

Why is it that the sentence for Karl Rove (who hasn’t been convicted of a single thing so far) has been passed in the media but the delayed sentencing of Sandy Berger (who’s plea bargain and cooperation probably headed off a big conviction) barely merits mention?

I’m just wondering, is all.


  1. I can definitely see how this issue smells of media bias, particularly since the Berger matter is one of seemingly willful violation of the act. (Berger allegedly destroyed the documents by hand.)

  2. Berger was part of a team that shut down an Al Qaeda operative from bombing new york, while Rove is part of a team that shuts down people trying to find them. The documents in question had backup copies in place, and were never really destroyed – in regards to the Berger case. But Rove made damn sure that nobody out there trying to find the real WMD could do their job unless he first made them his bitch. For my money, if you want to know the reason why Bush doesn’t seem to ever get anything done whether its social security, or catching Bin Laden, or any other real and substantial thing a party that has both the senate and the house and 7/9 on the supreme court, and the executive – is because Rove is a college dropout that brought down Dick Nixon,and he’s doing his traitor level best to bring down George W Bush as well. So if its front page news that a guy who just can’t seem to let anyone in DC get anything done without turning it into a partisan circus – maybe its because the media are finally doing their job. UPDATE: No, they’re not. The story is now faded. Rove will continue to screw up the GOP and we’ll continue to finance their months-long paid vacations they call work. Tune in next election, when it all looks like a game show and thank big fat Karl for all your hard earned money to be the biggest spending government inthe history of the US.