Friday Linkzookery – 05 Aug 2005

Newest military gadgets on display during V Corps training including a Chevy Silverado-based replacement/supplement to the Humvee

American Flag Optical Illusion

U.S. Moves to Kill Leap Seconds

First Round fired from 38-Calibre NLOS Cannon

VTOL AirBike Concept

More gods than you can shake a stick at, plus the stick

Space station gets free boost from shuttle

Healing power: Electric grid, repair thyself

Navy: Bad Jet Brakes a ‘Severe Hazard’

Shark Tank: And guess what those things were?

London Tube terror game sparks outrage

Marine Corps and Naval Surface Fire Support

Greece Signs Contracts for 183 Leopard 2s, 150 Leopard 1s

The Blogs of War

Once hidden in shame, Vietnam medals shine

Aging jets keep Fargo unit scrambling

Military pins hopes on new technologies as fratricide proves a stubborn foe

Engineered Support Receives $2.4 Million Order for Stryker Brigade Combat Team Cupolas
Is this the vehicle commander shield noted earlier on MO?

Pic of CWIS firing on (aboard) the TRUMAN

Michael Yon has another great post up

Who Killed Steven Vincent?

Murdered blogger Steven Vincent: ‘Words and ideas matter’ in Iraq liberation

Woman hopes for return of ring lost in care package

Amnesty International on Iraq

Backstroke of the West
Don’t ask. Just go look