Using dogs as bombs…just like the American Patriots during the Revolution

U.S. forces rely on dogs to detect bombs in Iraq. Insurgents rig them with explosives.

I noted in June an incident where insurgents in Iraq loaded a dog with a bomb and sent him into a police station. Seems that it isn’t an isolated incident:

Iraqi police cite the recent use of dogs rigged with explosive devices in Latifiya, just south of Baghdad, in Baqubah in central Iraq and in and around the northern city of Kirkuk.

Some Iraqis are horrified by the ethics of dragging the animal world into a human conflict.

“How can they use these lovely pets for criminal and murderous acts?” asked Rasha Khairir, 25, an employee of a Baghdad stock brokerage. “A poor dog can’t refuse what they are doing with him because he can’t think and decide.”

I’d argue that many recruits to the terrorist ranks can’t really think and decide, either.

Insurgents have long stuffed roadside bombs into the carcasses of animals. But Iraqi security officials say they increasingly worry about the use of live animals.

“Dogs have been used in many areas by insurgents throughout Iraq” to carry explosive devices, said Noori Noori, inspector-general at the Interior Ministry. “They used mentally retarded people for operations during the elections, so why wouldn’t they use animals?”

Last year in Ramadi, in the vast desert west of the capital, insurgents dispatched a booby-trapped donkey toward a U.S.-run checkpoint around sunset. “As one of the soldiers tried to stop it, the donkey exploded,” said resident Mohammed Yas, 45. The only casualty was the donkey.

Just another way that today’s insurgents and terrorists in Iraq are very similar to our Founding Fathers. No wonder so many people seem to admire them. (via FR)


  1. Er? I read about the Russians using dogs as anti-tank weapons in WWII but do not recall the use in the revolutionary war.

  2. Yes, I remember the story was that the Russians trained the dogs by painting Russian tanks to look like German ones, and teaching them to plant mines on them. However, they learned by the SMELL of the tanks rather than the appearance, so when their handlers unleashed them on the battlefield, they turned around and chased the Russian tanks. I think the Russians used diesel and the Germans used gasoline, or something like that… I’m not sure if that’s true but it certainly is somewhat amusing 🙂

  3. Now the terrorists have upped the ante by using dogs as I.E.D. carriers maybe the U.S. military should let loose a similar tactic on the Islamic ‘freedom fighters’ {sarcasm}. EXPLOSIVE BEARING PIGS! I hear tell Fundamental Muslims aren’t even suppose to touch pork under the Koran dictates. Imagine them being covered with Porky’s entrails?

  4. James: Sorry. That was just a very poor attempt to ridicule those who have been playing the ‘Iraqi insurgents aren’t any different than American patriots’ song again lately. Although I totally admit that I was unaware of the Russian anti-tank dog efforts.

  5. Murdoc: No problem, you almost never fail to make a grin or two. Here is a sight that talks about the Russian dog mines. Even has a picture (may or may not be real)