No batteries required

USMC Orders $660M More ACOG Rifle Scopes

Every Marine a rifleman. And getting more lethal all the time.

The ACOGs are internally-adjustable, compact telescopic sights with tritium illuminated reticle patterns for use in low light or at night. They combine traditional, precise distance marksmanship with close-in aiming speed. Designed for use with the M16 family of personal weapons, its mechanical and optical designs are bent to a single purpose: to provide increased hit potential in all lighting conditions – without failure-prone batteries. Although the ACOGs have many features which are very advantageous for military use, they were originally developed by Trijicon without government funding.

If this had been developed with government funding it would still be in early testing, is my guess. And about eight or ten months from being canceled due to cost overruns.

The initial purchase will be 104,000 scopes at $610 each for a total initial delivery order of $63.4 million. The government may purchase up to a maximum of 800,000 RCO scopes on this contract over the five-year period the contract is in effect.

See DID at the link above for more.


  1. Every Marine is a rifleman, but if they buy 800,000, then every Marine will have to carry three rifles. Either that, of the scopes break like eggs.

  2. The ACOGs are extremely durable. In my battalion with nearly 100 ACOGs, we had one repair required in nearly 3 years. You know you have a great product when the company places a lifetime free repair/replacement guarantee on a piece of kit.

  3. I have one which I use on my AR-15 in .308. Works very well. I dropped it out of the treestand a few times, and never had a problem. Very easy target acquisition. Bought it a few months before deer season 2003. Hasn’t lost its zero yet. Though I am sure a marine could give it plenty of abuse and find all it’s week spots.