15 years ago – Saddam and the kids


August 23rd, 1990. The children were mostly British. The boy in this screen shot from Kuwait.kw is 5-year-old Stewart Lockwood.

From the transcript of Frontline’s “The Gulf War:

SADDAM HUSSEIN: [through interpreter] Does Stuart get his milk?

HOSTAGE: Yes, he does.

STUART LOCKWOOD: He patted me on the head and ruffled my hair up and I was scared because of the soldiers.

SADDAM HUSSEIN: [through interpreter] Are you getting your milk, Stuart?

STUART LOCKWOOD: My throat was going all shivering and all that and I goes, “Oh, no. It’s going to get me.” It was something like that. “You’re going to put me in this room forever with my mum and dad and my brother.” I felt really nervous.

RICK ATKINSON: He was a man who miscalculated in taking hostages and then compounded his miscalculation and made Schwarzkopf’s military efforts much easier by letting them go in December. Every time he had to make a major strategic decision, Saddam guessed wrong.

He doesn’t seem to have the act of “bluffing” down quite so well, either.


  1. You blindsided me with this one – honest to Pete I sucked half the air out of the room when I first saw that picture. That particular little telecast really got under my skin back then – I was both outraged and perplexed that Saddam thought he was being benevolent. I had no idea it still could pounce on me like that. Yikes. I’ve linked.