Friday Linkzookery – 09/02/2005

“Don’t Tread on Me” Outfitters
Murdoc may have to get one of these.

Superman is a Dick
Apparently an oldie but I’ve never seen it before. My favorite is this one. (via Dean)

Paratrooper Blog on Gas Guzzlers
I think he’s on to something with a couple of these. Though your mileage may vary. Yes, that’s an incredibly bad pun.

A huge new U.S. military base in Israel nears completion- Rare photos
We are so busted. Aljazeera has the goods. Follow the link at the end of the story for better views of our skullduggery.

Shoot-to-kill orders in New Orleans
The same reader who sent in the link above also sends this. Seems to keep on top of Aljazeera. Note the pic captioned “President Bush urged Americans to conserve gasoline”…

Computer saves drowning girl
The Poseidon system apparently rocks.

Employee-priced car incentives lose appeal
No, not in court. In the court of public opinion.

The world of ‘Cops’ according to Iraq
Not only video of Iraqi police in action, but a call-in segment for people to praise or criticize the force.

Bug-Out Kits and Other Emergency Prep
Because you never know.

Tons of links on alternative energy and such.

The Blame Game
It must be somebody’s fault.

Battle at the Border
While we all watch Katrina, asses are being kicked in the Anbar province.

Baghdad to New Orleans: When all is in chaos, who loots museums?
It was Bush’s fault when the Baghdad museums were cleaned out, and it will be Bush’s fault when someone trying to get drinking water gets killed by a National Guardsman. Oh, and the Baghdad museums weren’t cleaned out.

It’s election time in Germany and the eco-freaks are behind badly in the polls
Germany’s Greens pour it on.

Hubble Now on Two Gyroscope Mode: Some Science Impacted

Metal Storm Successfully Tests Advanced Individual Combat Weapon
Sounds an awful lot like the XM29 to me.

Iraqi Forces to Provide Bulk of Election Security
After their pitiful showing in January, I expect that insurgents and terrorists are going to make a major effort to spill some blood in the upcoming elections. Especially if Sunnis defy demands from the Baathist dead-enders to stay away from the polls.

Jordan Seeks Iraq’s Help in Finding Attackers
Remember? Some US ships were fired at?

A couple of rules for couples in Iraq
The good news: You can bring your spouse. And now the conditions: separate rooms and hands-off for a year.

Vehicle-mounted Acoustic Sniper Detection System
Tell me it doesn’t look like something out of David Lynch’s DUNE.

US and Japan plan floating runway

This Katrina is a lifesaver: How a Va. Web designer is helping victims

Four charged with hatching prison terror plot
Coincidentally, they were Muslim extremists.

“Forever Free” by the Bob Polding Band
Nice sound.

Site: Power and Control
“My guru says the object of every adept ought to be Power and Control
It is mine”


  1. Alas, even on the Al-J page the big conspiracy base with rare photos seems to be dead. Darn, I was hoping to see the stealthy black helicopters…

  2. re: Gas Guzzlers, Given Katrina, I think I’ll reduce my bashing of SUVs. As long as the ‘S’ stand for ‘Survival’ instead of ‘Sport’ (or ‘Commuter’ for that matter).