Friday Linkzookery – 09 Sep 2005

After Long Trek, Unsung Japanese Spacecraft Nears Asteroid Target
If all goes well, this little probe could be the first to return material to earth from an asteroid. “Iron and Ice” the article states…but it’s also Ion and Rice.

Lie detector glasses tell you if someone is telling the truth
These aren’t the things you could order out of comic books along with sea monkeys and 250 army men, are they?

Iraqi actor hopes for theatre’s revival
AlJazeera but worth a look. We need “regular” things to get going again in Iraq.

DD(X): The coolest thing since sliced bread.

Msg from a Marine, endorsements for SoA
MO makes regular, if small, contributions to Spirit of America. I encourage you to check out this letter.

“People who want to see higher levees and walls around New Orleans should go down there and build them themselves! You want more hospital ships off the Gulf coast right now to treat the poor and displaced? Why don’t you go down to the Navy recruiter and sign your sorry ass up?”

Iraq Map Collection at the University of Texas

Louisiana National Guard: Hundreds Begin Trip Home From Duty in Baghdad
It’s a regularly-scheduled rotation home for the unit. Some with family in the hurricane zone have been or will be expedited. Some of the forerunners are already back, preparing for the brigade.

EADS & Northrop Grumman Offer USAF an Airbus Tanker Option
I haven’t written much about this subject lately, but the issue isn’t dead. DID has more.

The Man Who Predicted 9/11
Don’t forget this History Channel show about rick Rescorla. Airs Sunday 9/11 at 8:00p ET.

Inside 9/11
If you haven’t checked out this National Geographic Channel two-parter, you might want to. Airs next on Sunday at 1:00p ET.

Babies show signs of crying in the womb
If they’d ever been out here they’d probably be a lot happier with their current location.

1 Site: Katrina donation round-up at Instapundit
Okay, so Glenn Reynolds isn’t exactly a lesser-known site. But if you haven’t donated, check it out and consider giving a few clams if you can spare them. The listing is also accessable via the ad at the top of the left sidebar on the main page an dwill remain there until the end of the month at least. I just finished spreading a few bucks around to some worthy causes. One last question: Why don’t online donation sites take Pay Pal? They should.


  1. I saw the Natl Geo special, and it’s fantastic. Can’t recommend it enough – I Tivo’d it and burned a copy. The first two hours deals with the events leading up, and the second with the actual attack. Very well done. I’m really looking forward to (in as much as I can look forward to specials about that terrible day) the special on Rescorla. His story is fascinating, and cautionary. Another must see.

  2. No doubt about it ‘buckethead’, Rick Rescorla was one hell of a man. If you haven’t read ‘We were Soldiers Once….and Young’ (re: the 1st batt/7 Cav. in the Ia Drang Valley….Nov 1965) get thee a copy ASAP! Rick Rescorla was there, in the mud and the blood, and went on to become the chief of security for Morgan Stanly in the World Trade Center. He predicted the plane/suicide scenario long before it happened. On 9/11 he personally save over 2,000 people before he perished.