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Why 9-11 Could Happen Again by Annie Jacobsen

Recounting the events that the author and others believe may have been a “dry run” by Islamic terrorists. I hope to get through this as soon as I finish what I’m reading right now and get reviews with a few excerpts up as soon as possible.

The book comes out tomorrow and is available for half-price from the Spence Publishing site at the link above.


  1. There are many ways that terrorists could strike the U.S. and cause as much or more damage than they did on 9/11. (Blowing up levies comes to mind for some reason) However, I believe hijacking planes is not one of them. Hijacking airliners is over. No way will a group of passengers ever again sit passively by while a plane is hijacked. I don’t care if they have belt fed machine guns – I’m rushing them.