Friday Linkzookery – 28 Oct 2005

Bayonet: still used, still important
A quick look at bayonet training at TRADOC News.

Tolkien Geek
Blogging the Lord of the Rings.

360 Electrical
I wish I had thought of that…

Google Base Was Sort of Live
GoogleSQL? More screenshots here.

Untouchables keep Al Asad flightlines ready for war
This unit uses the newer M31 Mobile Arresting Gear System.

New tech speaks many languages at once
It’s not a fish in the ear, but still kinda cool.

World condemns Iran for president’s remarks
Israel wants Iran out of the UN, but no one else backs the idea. Until there’s some sort of minimum requirement for membership, the UN will continue to, well, be the UN. We should expect more.

Anne Morse on Annie Jacobsen’s book. MO reviewed it last month.

Pentagon mobility study unlikely to impact budget
Why wouldn’t it impact the budget? Well, because no matter what it says, big-name programs are not going to be cut in favor of more airlift or sealift. No matter how much we need it.

Mack to build hybrid truck for Air Force

Abu Ghraib is heading for closure
But why? What ever happened at Abu Grab…Abu Garab…Abu Grape…Whatever happened at that place anyway?

DKNY Men’s Leather Pants I Unfortunately Own
If you’re looking for it, eBay’s got it. If you’re not looking for it, eBay’s got two of them.

Anti-Semitic Hate For Sale in Germany
Plus, Prussian Blue albums available in stores everywhere.

Milkor MGL-140 Six-Shot 40mm Grenade Launcher Wins USMC Competition and Contract
I noted Defense Review’s post on this beast this summer. I also think it was in last summer’s season finale of Battlestar Galactica, but I deleted the episode before I could look again or grab a screen shot.

iPod Bible coming
I don’t have an iPod, but I see how this could be cool.

Skype could pose security problems for companies, analysts say
What would we do without analysts to tell us these things?

1st AD ready for ‘three-dimensional fight’ on return to Iraq
Interesting info on the “Iraq-ified” training of a division designed to stop the Soviet hordes.

General says Iraqis aren’t ready to support their own fighter aircraft
Well, they didn’t take very good care of the last ones they had…

General: Air Force not lacking tankers in Iraq; C-130Js ‘wonderful’
Candid remarks on the performace of some controversial planes in the war zone.

Converted Ohio ready for sea trials
The first of the SSGNs is almost ready for prime time. Meanwhile, the Undersecretary of the Navy toured the USS Forida, which is SSGN #2.

A Journey to Anbar Province
Bill Roggio of the Fourth Rail, often noted on MO, is going to embed in the Anbar province, the area he’s covered so well. I’ve said previously that when the book on the Anbar operations is written, Roggio should write it. Now he’s a shoo-in. He’s taking donations to cover expenses, which will be significant.


  1. Bayonet use also comes in when the enemy (or you) get to close quarters anyway, e.g. Goose Green. Training in this area is probably most necessary so that there is no last second flinching in the face of a visible human being. ‘The bayonet is obsolete’ keeps coming up every generation only to be knocked down by experience, just like ‘fighters don’t need all round visibility these days, what with radar’. I found a good link to the FAMAS rifle once that commended it apart from dismissing the bayonet. P.S., you probably meant ‘hordes’, not ‘hoards’.