Lynx and Lamb – sort of the Mary-Kate and Ashley of Doom

Young Singers Spread Racist Hate


ABC News:

They may remind you of another famous pair of singers, the Olsen Twins, and the girls say they like that. But unlike the Olsens, who built a media empire on their fun-loving, squeaky-clean image, Lamb and Lynx are cultivating a much darker personna. They are white nationalists and use their talents to preach a message of hate.

Known as “Prussian Blue” — a nod to their German heritage and bright blue eyes — the girls from Bakersfield, Calif., have been performing songs about white nationalism before all-white crowds since they were nine.

They’re now thirteen.

Those with Germanic heritage have much to be proud of. This sort of thing is not it. It’s very saddening.

I found the pic with those adorable T-shirts at a prussianbluefan blog. I cannot bring myself to link to it, but it’s out there and I feel obligated to note it since I took one of their pics.

This falls under what Murdoc calls “unpatriotic”. I’m sure that they and their fans believe their cause to be patriotism, but it’s not American patriotism. They might be patriots to their own cause, but they are not allies of what makes America great.


  1. Didn’t we fight a war about 60 years ago to rid the world of that filth? In my opinion, these little ‘Master Race’ twits are spitting on the memories of those brave American soldiers (white, black, yellow, red)who liberated Europe from that perversion. Nazism was (unfortunately – is) evil. Deny it!? What a world we live in.

  2. Really, I feel sorry for those two. At age thirteen or whatever, it’s not like they have a whole lot of perspective on history or the world at large. They’ve been indoctrinated by their parents in a hateful ideology. Many kids in Nazi Germany were in the Hitler Jugend, but most are not to blame for that (if they held onto those beliefs later – yes.) I think the parents of these two are the ones deserving all of the blame. In all likelihood, they’ll end up strippers, and eventually the subject of a lifetime movie event.

  3. Extremely well said. I saw that ‘bit’ with them dancing around the swastyka. Seems a little more than ‘sick’ – the other side of this link: Don’t know if their’s has a death threat attached to it though. They said they only wanted to grow WHITE PRIDE?!?! ah hmm Right!

  4. Yeah I can’t belive that they have little hitler smily faces. WTF To many sacrificed to much to have some loonies glorify him. gezz

  5. They have Wiki, which I won’t link to. (wiki is considering dropping it anyway) Oddly there is already a 10+ year old blues band in England called Prussian Blue. who give no overt indication of being racists. Trademark Infringement!

  6. These girls are really scaring the mainstream media. they are beautiful and will be no doubt become popular if we let them. The liberal left in this country would like to see the parents charged with child abuse, but the reality is that the parents have the right to do what ever they please. (Freedom of speech and all.)The best course of action would to be, avoid them. They will eventually go away. If you fight them. They will go stronger and pick up a larger following. This is what they want. be very careful. Mike Jones.

  7. Mike: I think you’re right about ‘Be very careful.’ I think there’s value in pointing this out in a general awareness sense. But a lot of folks are all screaming bloody murder, which will endear them to some kids (especially) who would otherwise have ignored them. That’s why I didn’t go over the top on this, and why I don’t really want to get into pouring over all the sordid details.

  8. Someone at work informed me that the name ‘Prussian Blue’ had a far more sinister meaning than simply a nod to their hereitage and eye color. These people need to fade away to extinction. They will if we let them.

  9. I’m just very glad that myself and/or any of my brothers-in-arms have not seen these people or been near them, because restraining myself from causing them, and their parents and their entire audience, extreme bodily harm would be the most difficult action in my life. I just pray to God that no vets ever hear of this. I can’t believe that this is even remotely allowed in these countries. Just another point to demonstrate our society’s downward spiral to destruction. William Golding was right

  10. ktla, if you did a wiki search for ‘prussian blue’, it is basically a pigment, but…alter it and you get nastiness acidity stuffs.

  11. Absolutely disgusting….I am German, and we may not disagree on many issues, but eradicating Neo-Nazis everywhere is not one of those issues. What I find amazing is that these people use freedoms (both in Germany and in the US) they would never grant were they in power, to spread their vile message of hate. When it comes to Nazism, I think free speech should not apply, simple as that. Who the hell is national vanguard anyways? They deserve to be shot. Heres an excerpt from their website, and of an interview with them. ‘They’re smart. They’re sweet. They’re pretty. They’re multitalented instrumentalists and singers. They’re twins. They’re loving sisters to the new baby in the family. They beat neocon radio talk show hosts at their own game. They’re just twelve years old. They make beautiful, soaring, harmonious music together — music with a pro-White slant. (gotta love that, pro-white slant….) Please tell me the significance of the name Prussian Blue. Part of our heritage is Prussian German. Also our eyes are blue, and Prussian Blue is just a really pretty color. There is also the discussion of the lack of ‘Prussian Blue’ coloring (Zyklon B residue) in the so-called gas chambers in the concentration camps. We think it might make people question some of the inaccuracies of the ‘Holocaust’ myth. These girls and their supporters should visit mythical Dachau and take a refreshing shower in the mythical gas chambers, while being shown pictures of the mythical starved and tortured Jews.

  12. Please tell me the significance of the name Prussian Blue. The first modern, artificially manufactured color was Prussian blue. It was made by the colormaker Diesbach of Berlin in about 1704. Diesbach accidentally formed the blue pigment when experimenting with the oxidation of iron. The pigment was available to artists by 1724 and was extremely popular throghout the three centuries since its discovery.

  13. i saw this disgusting article in a british newspaper and i just couldnt believe it! so much so that I actually did a search on the net 2 find out wat it was all about. I cam across webpages glorifying this 2 dumbass twits and just could not believe it. At my School we studied Hitler and the Nazi reign for history and I cant believe, that all these years later that their are still are bunch of low life scum bags who still beleive in a ‘superior race!’ I believe, although young, these girls know exactly what they are doing and what effect they are having, simply because they love all the attention. I think the media hype around them should stop in order for them to have nothing to promote them. I dont know how, in this modern day world, that their are still some people who are racist like that! it disgusts me! grr i wanna punch them lol!!! they are just sick and disgusting. end of.

  14. when i read this article i was about to threw up! fuck those girls and fuck all the nazi hate groups. Dosent our constitution say that everyone is equal…and o ya hitler was a fuckin embarasment to the world… not a hero. Im tired of this shit….those girls need to stop singing.. if all there message is in their lyrics is hate….

  15. I feel sorry for these girls they really dont know anything about the holacost. All they know is what there parents have taught them. These girls are now being thretend to be killed and its all her parents fault.

  16. you cant blame them its the parent’s fault. the girls were home schooled so they dont know anything but what their parents teach them. the only race their is is the human one and if they dont like it they can feel free to commit suicide

  17. In my own opinion these girls are a shit. It’s nasty and sad to see people like that in 2005. And in the US, cause that’s a country of mixes, where italians, irish, mexicans and people of all the world live. How can that government get angry with people that make songs against president Bush, and they dont do anything with people that make songs telling that all the latins and blacks have to die? This is an opinion of a latin people… you can think whatever you want.

  18. I think you all went overboard talking about the 2 girls. They are 13 years old for cried out loud! When Lou Farrakhan and other hard-core black leaders said about wiping out whites from the face of the earth, did we do anything about it? No! We just ignore them. We should do the same for those 2 girls – Let them be what they want to be. In case u did not know, Islam is one of the fast growing religious in the world! Should you be concerned about the growing trend of Islam? The girls hasn’t grown it’s people, yet and yet you talk about hurting them. Geee..You all need to think about what you said…..

  19. When I saw an article about this piece of shit twins in my local newspaper I was insulted. I’m Mexican and not white and I say fuck these bithces let them bur in hell. Anyways I would like to say something constructive– yeah– ignore them or whatever but if I had the chance I’d kill’em both. I think this is just some publicity stunt or something like that, either way, I though human race was already getting over this, apparently there is still some dumbass people who don’t think so. Are we going to let a couple of naive girls revive hate and boundaries that were already disappearing? Fuck that.

  20. What the hell are white nationalist!? A nationalist is a person who is only concerned with the benefit of their country. There is no all-white country, those girls are American and anybody who chooses to be American is American. Regardless of Color!! Hitler wasn’t even white, he was German(and Jewish). Lynx and Lamb say they want to perserve their race,I’m sorry if this sounds racist but what do they have to perserve. Their language isn’t even threatened and white people have no culture. When I hear white I think of plain or blank, or neutral. A white person is an American who is ignorant to their own culture, langauge or background, anybody can be white and I know alot of caucasians that aren’t white(teachers at my school), they’re really nice and have passion for culture even if the culture isn’t in their background. We all assume our own identities, so you can’t biologically perserve a race because anybody can pick it up. Those girls are fools for praisng the nazis because they hated Americans(what the girls are) Those girls are ignorant, if they go to Germany saying ‘Hail, Hitler’ they’ll get their white-asses kicked and I hope their children die of inbreeding. To all those who read this please remember ignorance is a threat to society.

  21. I am, like all of you, disgusted. But I must feel like, after reading Wilco van der Veen’s comment about these people being satanic, that I take offense to this. I am a satanist and anybody who is familiar witht he satanic religion knows that the Nazis do not stand for what we believe in. If you visit this website, I believe that you will better understand our beliefs. Aside from that, we can only hope that these girls come in contact with the outside world so that they may realize that their views are warped by ignorance.

  22. I have to state, that I’m very surprised. For 60 years now, there are revisionists, nazi-bands and seft-declared rightwingers with a little Hitler-Altar in the basement. The US seemed to be able to live with it but now there are two young chicks with the wrong attitude and people discover their bloodlust. Just a question, say: what is the difference between a nazi and someone who wants to kill others because of nothing else but his point of view. I know that racism is a constant threat to all of our societies if not for whole mankind, but I may question if a bunch of people who want to kill two teenies because they sing the wrong songs is actually worth to be defended against this plague.

  23. Ladies and Gentlemen of all ages, It has come to my attention that you all are one sick freak. Lynx and Lamb should be left alone. Did we go after Lou Farrakhan or worst, Dr Kamau Kambon who said all whites should be exterminated? Mmmm..No..We let them feel free to say anything they want. The girls have every right to say anything they want. You know what I think is the problem? Once white people say something, everyone CRIES!!! Once black people say something, everyone IGNORES!!! Interesting to see 2 different attitudes! May good karma prevailed!!!

  24. I do admit that im strongly upposed to let other cultures overwhelm our precious western culture. But nazism brings destruction to all, look at the people of Dresden in 1945, oh no wait…. dresden was no more , after millions of bombs from the British RAF. I’m more for assimilation of other cultures , take what we can use and convert them to our own. Im agianst multi culturalism , but one culture , different races is a good thing. Oh , black racial supremmecy does not go by ingored, remember , we killed al the black leaders :) These little kids make powerfull enemies, they don’t know what kind of hatered there cuasing with the non-aryan community. These girls are gonna be in a world of pain when they continue the pad of the downfall Im also a child of Satan, we do not judge by race, we hate everyone equaly…

  25. we killed al the black leaders :)’ Really? We did? Last time I checked Jesse Jackson was still alive and healthy, likewise Al Sharpton, Kofi Annan… ‘white people have no culture…a white person is an American who is ignorant to [sic] their own culture’ You know, all the people who have posted here who are unable to argue their case without saying ‘fuck’ every other sentence, who have such a rudimentary grasp of the English language that they can barely put a sentence together– you’re not being very persuasive. Just a thought. You aren’t convincing anyone, just rambling on and on in your hatred of these two girls. Your are all just as bad as they are. And if these posts can be taken as evidence, the English language is more ‘threatened’ than you think. Migel, ‘white people have no culture’? Aside from being a nearly meaningless statement, that is a total generalization. You know, I’m beginning to think Lynx and Lamb may have a point to what they say.

  26. okay… i dont know if anyone knows this but there is only ONE HUMAN race.. not a ‘black’ race or a ‘white’ race… ONE HUMAN RACE!!! and the only person in this world that can determin who should and shouldn’t be on this earth is god not no little blonde hair blue eyed 13 yr old girls who think that its right to refer to blacks, latinos, indians..basically anyone who isnt uh in there eyes ‘blessed’ with the looks they have or the race they are.. MUD!!! that goes deep.. very deep for children to get brain washed because of ignorant parents and grandparents in the year 2005 thats pathetic!!! i am 16 yrs of age and i am mothers white and my fathers black.. and to hear two ignrant kids talking about how we need to preserve our race.. that says A LOT to someone like me..everyone who thinks that ‘preserving’ there race is the thing to do needs ta get a reality check.. we dont live in the year 1944.. hitler is gone hunny an we really dont need him or anyone like him back.. NOT AT ALL!!

  27. Can you imagine the reaction of Allies soldiers if they realized that winning WWII meant victory for a movement that looks upon white, traditionally Christian societies as evil. Good for you Lamb and Lynx, thanks for standing up for white people.

  28. It wasn’t a total generalization if you read it closely and more openly. I said that when people say ‘white’ a cultural ingnorance is being implied and I said I know alot of caucasians that aren’t white. You’re saying I over generalize? I don’t recall using the F-word once in my opinion. Theo, who says I was talking about the english language? Who says the english language belongs to those girls’ ethnicity? I thought they were all-proud of being German. Do they even speak German? Besides, I think when you say english you are neglecting the fact that it’s England that possesses that language. American is not a langauge, America is ‘free’ and should have no official language but a common one and if that language it changes, so be it. Think about that before judging me as ‘just as bad as they are’ Or maybe you’re just blind. P.S. Blue eyes and blonde hair aren’t only for caucasians, people of other ethnicities may have those features. My whole family is Mexican and my sister has blue eyes and so does my uncle and many other relatives. I’m with you, Paris. By the way, the swastika was originally a Hindu symbol of peace and harmony. I don’t think those racists are being true to what they say about being all white.

  29. Pathetic, immature, vile and incompitentancy. Theseare the words that to come tomind when hearing about how these children have been brought up to hate. What bible are you reading that promotes this kind of disgusting display of behaviour? Didn’t Jesus teach us that we are are all EQUAL. Except maybe for people like you, you might be below us. Anyway who said that bonde hair and blue eyes is better? What if its the other way around? What if all of your WHITE family died and you only had ethnic people to care for you? GROW UP!! GETA LIFE!! Don’t you thinkthat people will want to retalliate on you? What happens then? Do you have to hide all of your life? If you’re doing the right thing why dont you come out and face the people that you are talking about? You wont do that coz you are WEAK & PATHETIC.

  30. Hi All, I have a question for u. There are black college for black kids. Can there be white college for white kids? Would that be politically incorrect? If so, how so? Should we have our own NAAWP(opposite of NAACP) and file lawsuits agianst Grambling Univ, Jackson State, Howard Univ, etc? Suggestion? Thoughts? Thanks, Puzzled

  31. what the fuck..i cannot believe that the mother of lynx and lamb brainwashed these kids into racism…if i saw them and i hope i dont i would kick the living shit out of themm….i mean they do have the right to express there opinon and views…but there only expressing what they were told.. what was installed in the brain since they were birth…i bet you if lynx and lambs father and mother died at birth they wouldnt be racist…thats wat upsets me…and how they say that there should only be ppl of there kind…omg dont get me started …i hope that i dont see them one day and i hope that…the ppl of america and around the world dont get brainwashed into racism of those two little..girls…and besides there ugly not looking like mary kate and ashley wannabes…cant sing anyway…there not gonna be like famous famous..they may have a small amount of fans…but i aint lieing if your racist and you think there should only be ppl of your kind u cant get no where in life so there life years are up there will always be ppl other than there kind…and they aint gonna stop my kind or anyone others kind…and thats all i have to out

  32. Three phrases should be among the most common in our daily usage. They are: Thank you, I am grateful and I appreciate.

  33. Lamb and Lynx are such bitches. They think their the Olsen twins but their not coz m-k and ash are MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH PRETTIER THAN LAMB AND LYNX. FUCKIN BRACE FACES. WHITE HORES…..

  34. these girls are gay man hey don’t lookliek mary-kate and Ashley Olsen coz there WAY WAY WAY WAY PRETTIER then Lamb and Lynxi mean polease

  35. Hmmmm, let’s see now. ‘Gangsta’ rappers talking about killing cops, raping women and genrally brutalizing anything that happens to be white is a legitimate artistic representation of the artist’s culture. But Lynx and Lamb ‘represent’ and they are branded racist haters. Why the difference? Oh yes, there is no such thing as black racism and hate mongering and if there is well, whity brought it on himself for 300 years of oppression etc and etc. When rappers are villified for the degenerate, subhuman, cultural viruses that they are, I’ll consider a critical view of Lynx and Lamb. Until then, stick it to them girls! I love it!!

  36. this is sick hitler was a sick twisted man and these girls admire him they say the holocaust was exaggerated about 300,000,000+ were killed this is disgusting its fith

  37. These girls have been brainwashed by there parents.I am white. But these girls are ignorant and racist.They think they are all that.Ill tell you one thing they look nothing like mary-kate and Ashely.m+a are 10 times much better looking then these racist bitches. and m+a are fun loving and caring they have a good personalitie. m+a are not racist. ALL HUMANS ARE EQUAL get that into ypur heads you racist bitches.Get some help cuz you need it.

  38. Recently, I watched a program entitled Hate Rock 2005. The program showcased hate bands in the US and Europe. What I took away from that program was that the white nationalist/supremists are going to have to go after the youth because that is the only untapped part of society. By using hate music, they expect to be able to recruit at a time when their numbers are dwindling. The Prussian Blue twits are being used by their mother, step-father and white nationalist groups to try and bring in new youth to continue the ’cause’ that the oldsters believe. Hopefully the youth of today is smart enough to look beyond the exterior of the music and see the blackness inside.

  39. I think its disgusting how the girls and the girls parents can think like that. how dare they decide who is better than who. did they not know that all people are equal. the only people are lower than everyone else are people like these two girls who think that they are better than everyone else because of the colur of their hair. my hair is blonde but no way does that mean that i should rule the world. maybe they should go to the concentration camps and see what really happened to the jews.

  40. Bless these little girls hearts they are tryin to rule the world at 13.cant they see that everybody hates them.they look so pathetic.if they were forced to go on these horrible concentration camps then i dont think they would be so proud of themselves!

  41. i have to agree with emily. it doesnt matter what race you are. the parents of these kids should be sent to prison. there is a law of free speech but this isnt speech its racsist shit. it shouldnt be allowed. and if these girls know what happened to hitler and his army they wound keep they’re fat metal mouths shut.

  42. these girls are oviously spoilt brats that dont know jack about what happened. they need to find new parents if this is what there brain washing them to think!these girls need to come back down to reality not even britney fuckin spears is better than you or me ! let alone these low lifes . anyway you can get nice people that are white and black ! and you can get bad people that are white and black and the same with jews !what planet are they even from ?

  43. you little lynx and lamb crap writters are creating a lot of bull shit!!!! you cannot tell me that u honestly think that there is a difference between black and white people. we are all people and if u cannot live with that then fuck you! idk if u2 believe in god, but if you do then u might as well not b/c it doesnt seem like that is a very good thing. if you keep spreading that crap to people then this world is gonna get even more messed up then it already is! there is nothing wrong with blacks and i have friends who are black soo just stay off of them ok? you could get soo many more freinds if u just accept blacks. what would u do if you were born black? kill urselves? what if some1 said that they hated whites? u make us white people look bad and i dont like it one bit so stop!

  44. Now u kno wat u lil puntas im black n dats sum racist bull shit that i or my people need because we drop dis shit a long time ago. If u bitches want 2 disagree because of where ur frm den i get dat but dont put ur beliefs in song, dats not right. and plus hitler’s lil dumass did kill all dos innocent jewish people and he had a shit load army. read sum mutha-fuckin anne frank bitches cos lynx and lamb is the shittest thing i’ve eva heard. dat means i eat all da time mmmmmmmmm. u aight no mary-kate n ashley ya’ll r butt ugly so b4 ya’ll start singin and tlkin abour blacks, look in the mirror but 2 much u dont wanna break it shitty lookin punta thinkin dey cute hu da fuck dey tryin 2 fool.

  45. These girls have got so many death threats, I won’t be surprised if I’ll see them anytime soon DEAD on the News! And when thats happens, I’ll say ‘Damn I wish I got to those bitches before he/she did!’ My parents and grandparents, friends and relatives suffered from that good-for-nothing Hitler bastard….and so did many others. Maybe these girls should go to the concentration camp in Auchfitz and have a look and all those poor people he killed!!!! I’ve always hated germans anyway,EVIL BLOOD!!!! Ps. Lamb? as in Baaa?

  46. Lynx and Lamb are two idle! Two children that don’t know what say. The one that they really need is that his/her puppet puts the iron in them girl dared. Where already one saw to nail the prejudice and the discord among the people.

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