Friday Cat Blogging – XF10F Jaguar


Here’s an X-cat for this week. The F10F Jaguar had variable-geometry “swing wings” and a ‘T’ tail (see a good shot of it here). Only one prototype was completed, and only one pilot ever flew it. But Grumman didn’t give up on the swing wing concept. Pic from 1000 Aircraft Photos.


  1. Never heard of this one Murdoc. Great picture. See if you can get any photos of the: ‘Chance Vought F7U-1 Cutlass’ According to my info source it first flew on 29 Sept. 1948 and it was the First ‘production’ naval aircraft to achieve supersonic flight and the first to release bombs at supersonic speed. It had a really weird configuration including twin vertical tails, afterburning engines, an automatic stabilization system and controls with ‘artificial’ feedback. A redesigned F7U-3 entered service in April 1954.

  2. I am not a ‘zoomie’ so I don’t know a lot about aircraft except in most cases the pointy end goes through the air first. (Most cases, not with the Intruder who’s main weapon was flyin low and uglyin people to death) However I served a short stint with the Air Wing once. I remember the Cutlass on display, all the Naval Aviators had a pet name for it. They called it the ‘Ensign Killer’