Friday Linkzookery – 25 Nov 2005

From the department of mistaken headlines:
Man arrested for stealing car, alluding police

MSFT Study Group: Where techies with no time come to learn…
If you’re looking for the answers to questions like “Can’t clients on other internal subnets use secureNAT as long as their subnet is in the ISA LAT table or does SBS restrict this?“, this is the place for you. Believe it or not, Buckethead knows this guy. (I happen to believe it. In fact, I’m not even surprised that Buckethead knows people that know the answers to questions like these. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t be surprsed if Buckethead knew the answers to questions like these.) For the record, the answer is available here. Not only do I not understand the answer, I don’t even understand the question. Next!

The Blockbuster OSM Deal: What You Need to Know
I applied for and was granted membership in Pajamas Media’s very early days. Not being exactly sure what the Hades it was really all about even after reviewing the contract, I balked. Later, they purged a lot of blogs. Then they changed their name to Open Source Media, which was a good move except for the lawsuits. Now they’ve launched and I still don’t get it. Maybe I’m a moron and will regret not joining up. I don’t think so. This Iowahawk post tries to summarize the OSM business model. I’d think it was typical Iowahawk parody and satire, except that it makes a lot more sense than anything I’ve seen put out by OSM.

If he moves to Michigan, I’m oranizing some riots…

Battalion Scout Helicopter
Off the shelf light light light helicopter. Off the wall but not outlandish.

Ban Sports Competition Between the Service Academies
From the same site as the link above. This one is just off the wall.

Uzbekistan withdrawal complete

Cool map of Narnia

Al Jazeera plans to go international in 2006
Can Al Jazeera find a home on U.S. cable networks? It’s going to try next spring.

I’ll get some more up shortly


  1. Rupert, Did you find anyting out about the India Air Force dogfight simulations? I’m very curious and can’t find anything about it where I know how to look. ty Great site btw. I nominated you for best milblog on wizbang, since I don’t know how to classify you, but enjoy your blog immensely, so you needed to be nominated somewhere.

  2. Murdoc A nice story about the army saving those cheetash cubs in Ethopia. Though I would be curious to know how many troops we have there. And an irrestitable picture of the cubs

  3. In regards to the ultra light helicopter, I really do not think this guy understands that to train someone to fly a tiny helicopter like that is actually harder than teaching them to fly say a blackhawk. The robinson r22 for example has terrible handling and control, yes it is cheap, but thats because there are many shortcuts take on designing it. ‘They are also easy to shoot down since the remote pilot is usually unaware when someone is shooting at it.’- I somehow think that a guy with an ak47 will find it easier to hit a larger target such as a helicopter rather than a UAV. Bottom line being if there is someone there shooting at you, in an observation helicopter you have no way of stopping them, so why put people at risk?

  4. After the liberation of France, French units went back into action, often in mopping up roles against isolated German pockets. They found it useful to have some local level air scouting capability too, and adapted the French STOL Flying Flea for the purpose getting the ‘Pou Maquis’ as a result. It had folding wings and was self trailering, with special undercarriage allowing it to operate from roads even with cross winds. So the ecological niche, as it were, has been spotted and filled before. I certainly believe that the Paracargo variant of the Flying Flea would be a useful logistical addition as a locally run flying truck. Today’s equivalent of the poor man’s helicopter is actually the autogyro (more natural stability and easier training). Wing Commander Wallis (Wallace?) actually pressed for this for years but military establishments wouldn’t go for anything that small and local in use. A Wallis autogyro was used in a James Bond film with less film fakery than most of their gadgets. Getting realistic you would probably operate one from a towed trailer rather than a modified vehicle (though this has been done with helicopters in the Australian outback). Such autogyros would probably need jump start capability and lateral firing guns to use while orbiting a target since they can’t hover. Possibly jatogyros could work using tip jets from an afterburner fed by a centrifugal burner, but I do not know any work in the area, viffing would make them unstable, and there’s an old saying that ‘afterburners are the work of the Devil’.