Second and hopefully last post about Prussian Blue

While hitting Technorati this morning, I happened to spot “Prussian Blue” (noted on MO a while back) on the ‘Top Searches This Hour’ list. Morbid curiosity got me looking, but there doesn’t seem to really be any big news.

Here are a few interesting tidbits I came across, though.

Pajamas Media, um, OSM, oh wait…Pajamas Media writes

According to Media Orchard, a public relations blog, “Teen People came close to publishing a story on the white-supremacist singing duo Prussian Blue that did not mention the words ‘hate,’ ‘supremacist’ or ‘Nazi.’ The writer had agreed with the teen duo’s mother not to use these terms, but instead the more palatable “white pride.”

The story has since been pulled.

Ed Driscoll notes:

It’s Anthony Burgess’ world, we just live in it, when the left can compare an American president to Hitler seemingly daily, but a liberal magazine can’t be bothered to call an actual pro-Hitler singing duo Nazis.

Nexus counters with

Actually, if you listen to their songs intently and watch their antics right down to their Hitler smiley face T-Shirts, you will find that the whole thing is actually a parody of Nazis and Nazism.

That’s why this trollish article is so hard to comprehend. One would think that a would be big media player such as “Pajamas Media” would get it, but apparently going around stirring up controversy just for the sake of it is too ingrained in the would be Dan Rathers of the world.

“Duck Soup” and “Springtime for Hitler” were parodies of Nazis and Nazism. Is that what Prussian Blue is all about?

Dean’s World:

I find myself strangely unable to get excited about it. Not because I have anything nice to say about Nazism, but because I’ve been watching the entertainment industry speak endearingly of vile totalitarian ideologies for most of my life.

This is the same entertainment industry that lionizes Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. The same industry that made heroes out of the mass-murdering Sandinistas. That to this day pretends that the McCarthy era in America was nothing but one long paranoid nightmare wherein nobody, not even people like Alger Hiss, Julius Rosenberg, or Harry Dexter White, was guilty of anything but being a bit too liberal.

Some of these people still can’t admit that Pete Seeger, Paul Robeson, and Mary Travers were communists for God’s sake.

Easter Lemming Liberal News (if that is the real name of that site) with the post title of the day: Mamas don’t let your girls grow up to be Nazis

New York Daily News:

The freckled twins from Bakersfield, Calif., call nonwhites “muds” and play a video game called “Ethnic Cleansing.”

Yep. Just parody. It might be all an act, of course, though if interviews with the mother and the story on the group are accurate, it doesn’t seem terribly likely. And are they ripping off Harry Potter by calling non-whites “muds”? Isn’t that just a parody of “mugbloods”?

The Town Crier:

Although Time inc. claims their reason for scrapping the Teen People interview with the Nazi Brats in their feature on hate had nothing to due with the backlash and protest against it, I suspect that it did. I cautioned that perhaps this type of protest before the fact can result in extra otherwise unecessary publicity, as we learned with Mel Gibson and the Passion.

Mainstream opposition to Nazi glorification and mainstream opposition to a Bible-based telling of the hours leading up to the Crucifixion of Christ. If you look very, very closely, you might be able to spot some differences between the two cases.

Finally, I especially appreciate the way that nearly every Legacy Media article on them notes that they’re homeschooled. I understand that homeschooling is a bit unusual and therefore merits special mention at times, but I guess I’d like to see “liquor store held up by area teen, who is public schooled” or “three Wal-Mart shoplifters sent to public school since early childhood by their parents” once in a while.

One last note: Please refrain from comments about how you ‘hope these girls meet a grisly and painful death’ or how they should ‘try out the concentration camps and gas chambers themselves’ or what you would do if you ‘met them in a dark alley somewhere’. The last time I wrote about them the comments area collected quite a bit of feedback to that effect. It’s pointless and actually makes them look like the victim in many cases. We understand that they’re very confused. We understand that what they say and do infuriates many people for many valid reason. WE GET IT.


  1. Found a great Prussian Blue site with links to the TEEN PEOPLE magazine

  2. If they aren’t socialists then it would be technically incorrect to call them Nazis (aka National -Socialists-). I am not even sure they qualify as Nationalists. Frankly the Zoroastrian tribes in and around south Asia (Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan) have more in common with the original Aryan peoples than these kids.

  3. My pont wasn’t clear in that passage as it was refrencing an idea from a previous post. I was referring to the massive amount of free advertising and publicity The Passion received early on, courtesy of anti passion activists protesting and making noise thereby enlightening people to is exitence in the first place. I was comparing that aspect of it to the possibly counterproductive noisemaking against Prussian Blue, ganing them additional (albein unintentional) and otherwise nonexistent publicity and media mention.