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Forgot to mention this: Gov. Admits Baseball Tale Untrue

In an announcement that comes as a surprise to no one, Bill Richardson wasn’t drafted by a Major League baseball team 40 years ago. I’ve always found this claim, which was never substantiated by anyone when challenged, to be rather dumb. But even dumber is Richardson’s “admission” after the Albuquerque Journal investigated and ran a story with the results:

“After being notified of the situation (by Journal reporter Toby Smith) and after researching the matter … I came to the conclusion that I was not drafted by the A’s,” Richardson said.

I wish someone would investigate Murdoc’s past so I could conclude whether I had ever been drafted to play Major League baseball.

And get this:

In his statement to the Journal, Richardson claimed that “as a high school player, and later after playing in the prestigious (amateur) Cape Cod League, and during my time at Tufts, I was approached by scouts who offered to draft me, under the condition that I agree ahead of time to sign a contract, if drafted. I could not agree to sign a contract, and therefore was not drafted by any of those interested teams.”

This makes it sound like he knew that he needed to sign a contract to be drafted and that he knew he didn’t sign a contract. I don’t understand how he could possibly have been mistaken all this time. It’s almost like he was lying.


“In my mind, that meant I had been drafted,” Richardson said.

Sorry. That’s stupid.

UPDATE: Far be it from Murdoc to wonder aloud whether any news organization in the past four decades questioned the claim. It’s not like any media outlets would show any interest in politicians and their relationship to being drafted or anything.