UPDATE: New masthead banner

After looking at it all day I took the trouble to tweak it a bit. I think it’s a bit more readable.

The other tweak is a much more noticeable one: “Howlin’ Mad” Murdock is gone. I’ve been dreading the day I’d do this, but I think the time is right. It started as a joke, and it’s time to move on.

The star is a temporary logo until I can get back on my feet after this traumatic purge of A-Team imagery and decide what I want.

The feedback so far has been helpful. Keep it coming.

UPDATE: I’ve changed the star to a lightning bolt.


  1. B.A.: But sometimes good things get cancelled… Nicholas: Yeah, I’m not so sure about this lightning bolt. I’ll think about white, but probably a white outline instead of solid white. When I first tried the star (while designing) it was solid white and seemed to pull you away from the title, so that’s why I did a star outline. Someone said that the star looked like Dallas Cowboys, and I’ve got to say that as a Redskins fan I can’t let THAT misimpression stand. This is like the New York Knights patches from The Natural. In fact I quick made a ‘patch’ logo of this lightning bolt idea. We’ll see.

  2. I bad Murdock had to go. ANd I hate to tell you this but what you got up there now looks like the Chargers logo sorry. I dont know what else you should try,a pic of you maybe?