Triple Seven Tanker?

767 tanker may have a new competitor: the 777

This has been rumored for some time, and the recent remarks about the Air Force requiring a multi-mission tanker might have given it the final kick:

The thinking is the larger 777 could be a multitasking plane, able to carry passengers and equipment, in addition to its role of inflight refueling, according to the report Monday.

The 767 tanker — initially assembled in Everett and then shipped to Wichita, Kan., for modifications — is designed for the inflight refueling role alone.

Don’t do windows? Don’t bother applying.


  1. I just don’t get the sudden concern about carrying cargo in tankers. Existing tankers (KC-135 & KC-10) already have cargo carrying capability. The fuel is carried in what was the luggage/cargo spaces of the airframes, which leaves the main deck free for cargo. Even the old KC-97 could carry cargo and act as a refueler. Was there something different about the K-767 that was limiting it to strictly the tanker role?

  2. Unless they’re willing to recompile the 777 kernel in-flight, they better do Windows, and keep those auto-updates on!