Two new blogads –UPDATED!

No, you’re not seeing double. Two submissions for the same ad to run on both of MO’s adstrips came in. I’m not exactly sure what “Online Affairs” is all about, but the link leads to the MSNBC-TV web page. I don’t know if “Online Affairs” is an upcoming television show or news special or something, or what.

Just so you know that I’m not advertising a how-to on the subject.

They’re apparently part of a huge ad buy at Blogads. They’ll run for a week. If anyone knows what they’re about let me know. And also let me know if the link gets changed and leads somewhere unsavory.

In the meanwhile, keep an eye on the Blogads and check out any that catch your eye.

UPDATE: NBC has changed the graphic. The link still leads to the same MSNBC-TV page, but I don’t like what they’re placing on MO now. Apparently, the ad is part of a huge record-setting buy by NBC. Also, it seems that at least some sites received a message from Blogads warning about the potential content of the ads, but MO never received it. I was a bit leery of the “Online Affairs” graphic, but this is, in MO’s opinion, over the line.

I have a message in to Blogads. I realize that many MO readers probably won’t be bothered by these ads, but they don’t represent anything that Murdoc Online wants to be a part of. I apologize to any readers who are offended by these slots.

UPDATE 2: I’ve switched the ads to “defer”. You didn’t used to be able to do that once you had accepted an ad, but now you apparenlty can and I did. So they won’t be visible until/unless this is settled to Murdoc’s satisfaction.


  1. the ad wasnt bad at all. you can find a sexier tattoo on any cop or truck mud flap. it’s not about porn, its about the industry and how its bigger than football and baseball combined. you are suck a lame-ass prude.