Elections in Iraq, national assembly taking power in Afghanistan…what else can go wrong?

Afghanistan Prepares to Install New National Assembly

I guess this news has been knocked off the front page by all the stories about the Iraqi elections:

Formation of the parliament marks the latest step in Afghanistan’ path to democracy and follows the country’s Sept. 18 parliamentary elections, a State Department official told the American Forces Press Service on the condition that he not be identified or quoted.

Afghan National Army, Afghan National Police and international military forces ensured a relatively safe and secure environment so more than 12.5 million registered voters could vote for a 249-member lower house of parliament, as well as provincial councils. These council members, in turn, elected 68 members of the upper chamber.

President Hamid Karzai appointed the remaining 34 upper-house members, more than half of them women, the official explained.

If, at the end of September 2001 you had said that both Iraq and Afghanistan would have elected new democratic national governments by the end of 2005, I would have said you were a bit too optimistic. I’m glad to be proven wrong.

Why are some people so disappointed that things are going so well?

Are they unpatriotic?

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers! While you’re here at MO, be sure to check out what Lynne Cheney had to say about the first constitutional Iraqi election compared to the first one in the US.


  1. What else could go wrong? The Israelis could bomb Iranian nuclear facilities, or there could be more elections in Egypt and Lebanon, or there could be a revolution in Syria.

  2. Wrong? I am personally fearful for the survival of corruption around the world. It would be just so -wrong- if the rest of the world cleaned up it’s collective roofs…leaving us with only our own snowy roofs to bitch about. =D

  3. what democracy are you talking about in Afghanistan. It will be the same old warlords in charge with opium to buy their militias more arms to maintain their power. The only change is that you wont have the Taliban to ban opium.Same old same old

  4. Geez, So much pessimism. And at the brink of Yule Tide. I suggest we all, in the spirit of the season, invite ONE rabid Liberal to (am I allowed to say ‘CHRISTMAS?) dinner. Then afterwards discuss the current elections in Afghanistan and Iraq. If you had a choice Murdoc, which Lib would you ask over for a grand feast next Sunday?

  5. For some of the naysayers, I think it’s just that they’re shallow–ill-informed about history, having no real grasp of what it’s like to run large complex operations, etc. The fact that they aren’t willing to ask harder questions about their assumptions speaks poorly of their character, but they’re at some level forgivable if they at least prove themselves educable. The genuinely despicable ones are the ones like Sheehan, Moore, et. al. who simply hate the country and anything it does.

  6. The genuinely despicable ones are the ones like Sheehan, Moore, et. al. who simply hate the country and anything it does.’ Sheehan’s an IDIOTIC puppet! Moore’s a OPPORTUNISTIC turd! Maybe they’ll get together, have some offspring and start a circus.