Just said by President Bush

“There is a difference between honest critics, who recognize what is wrong, and defeatists, who refuse to see that anything is right.”

The defeatists, of course, will try to pretend (often even to themselves) that they are not defeatists but honest critics.

And if you question the patriotism of the defeatists, they will scream and howl. Still, it’s important to do so.


  1. oh come on. When you define ‘defeatists’ as everyone that doesn’t share your view, isn’t that disingenuous to say, ‘if you’re not with us, you’re traitors and immorally biased against the facts.’ The comment was a partisan shot to the growing clamor in Congress that people want to see a plan out of Iraq, and he was telling them to shove it. Some speech. ‘You may disagree with me, but I’m in charge, and I’ll decide what’s right or wrong, and I hope you’ll stop causing so much ruckus about it all. So shut up and let me run my war.’ Yeah. We need more speeches like that.

  2. J: I didn’t define ‘defeatists’ as ‘everyone that doesn’t share my view’, even though I’m constantly told that I am doing just that. To be honest, I’ve pegged that as one of the main tactics of the defeatists. Are you saying that there are not ‘defeatists’? Are you saying that there isn’t a difference between a ‘defeatist’ and an ‘honest critic’? Are you saying that there are not unpatriotic Americans? My guess is that your answer to all three questions is probably ‘no’, so I’m not really sure what the problem with the ‘defeatist’ label is.

  3. President lying scumbag, who lied us into this war, wants to talk about honest critics??? WTF???????????? Hey, remember just the other day, W was telling us about how Iraqi forces led the assault on Ramadi..And then a reported who was actually there said no, they didnt lead. so the one piece of real news that bush heralded, was in fact b.s.

  4. Isn’t it sad that when that reporter gave an incorrect report (as admitted by other reporters, who were also there and who DID see the Iraqi forces taking the lead – we have their articles saying so to prove it), that person is believed, whereas the President of the United States is assumed to be lying? It probably comes from these people who can’t tell the difference between an honest mistake and a lie. When you’re that confused, how are you supposed to make sense of reality? To sum up: * Anyone saying something bad about the American government: truthful heroic whistleblower. * Anyone saying something good about the American government: lying scumbag on the administration payroll. Got it?

  5. This President lies all the time Nicholas, in case you havent noticed. Got any links that you speak of? Hey, remember when Bush was saying that Congress, and Kerry, and the Democrats, had access to the same information that he had? He’s been using that Lie for quite a while now- since election 2004. Of course Congressional research service says no, that is not in fact the case. http://www.realcities.com/mld/krwashington/13416512.htm