Watching the border

Buckethead at the Ministry of Minor Perfidy has done some digging into the showdown at the border story I noted recently where US Border Patrol and law enforcement personnel were outgunned by military-looking types who took a drug-loaded truck across the Rio Grande.

The post is a must-read. It’s a bit lengthy. That’s because it’s well-researched and digs into a big issue.

For some reason, this story and the many others which highlight the grave danger along our southern marches just don’t gain any traction anywhere. Buckethead writes

This should be worrying to anyone. The Border Patrol is unable to patrol the border. Local law enforcement can’t fill the gap. Hundreds of thousands of people cross the border without our say-so every year. And when the border patrol does attempt to intervene, the response is ever more often a violent one, and the border patrol agents are outgunned.

As I’ve said many times before, it really doesn’t matter what you feel about immigration. Whether you favor lots of immigrants or none, illegal immigration is, well, illegal, and should be stopped. And further, having a complete lack of control over the border is a serious problem in an era where terrorists would like to kill large numbers of Americans.

The GOP has recently begun paying this issue some lip service, but we don’t need words. We need results. I know it’s difficult. That doesn’t mean it’s not vitally important.

Murdoc would like to suggest that the military conduct more training exercises along the border. Beginning right now and continuing until no one wants to harm America. I recommend Strykers, but let everyone play.

Go read the post. In the meantime, I’m sending a note to Michelle Malkin about it. This is great work.


  1. I would suggest a live fire range on the border. 1 reason 1 if something else happens like that and a exercise is going on they can divert aircraft to take care of them