Left and Right sides of the blogosphere

Jay Tea at Wizbang, in Through the looking-glass, notes that Leftie and Rightie bloggers seem to play against type in the way they conduct business.

Der Commissar, in Statist versus Libertarian Blogging, has a theory about why that is so and Murdoc thinks he’s on the right track.

I usually find that, political persuasion aside, big Leftie blogs are more like message boards than the “blog” model I appreciate. And Murdoc pretty much hates message boards.

As for the actual participants themselves, when considered apart from the “business model” of the site in question, I usually find myself thinking of Leftie writers and commenters in the same vein that I regard marchers in anti-war demonstrations. I know that that isn’t a fair comparison in many (or maybe even most) cases, but when trying to form opinions from the comments left on my site and others, that is nearly always the impression that I come away with.

Not to say that the Righties always have it, um, right. I often disagree with many on “my side of the aisle”, but even when at odds over the points and positions, the manner of discussion and the style of thinking fits in with how I believe the world should work.

Obviously, all of the above is a gross generalization. But, as such, I don’t think it’s an unfair one.