Friday Cat Blogging – F9F Cougar

Here’s an F9F Cougar, a swept-wing development of the F9F Panther (most recently Cat Blogged here) which served from 1952 until 1959.

Pic from Hyper Scale modelling page. The creator has background and additional images from his effort. You can buy a print of this and much more from his web page.


  1. Speaking of Cat-blogging, seen this site yet? Not much right now, but they do link to the Tomcat Association which has a bunch of stuff.

  2. James: No, I hadn’t. Something tells me that you found next Friday’s Cat Blogging site… Tomcats every other week ’til the Cats fly no more!

  3. Thanks for the memories that picture brings back. The Cougar was the first jet I was ever close enough to to see more than just a contrail. The occasion was a Blue Angels perfomance over the Wabash River in conjuction with Vincennes Indiana’s annual Watermelon Festival. I must have been about 7 or 8. Needless to say I was impressed.