Friday Linkzookery – 30 Dec 2005

This one’s for the home crowd
The Japan Times on “Otokotachi no Yamato“. I’d be interested in seeing this if it makes it across the water.

Farris Hassan’s not-so-excellent adventure
U.S. teen goes to Iraq to see ‘struggle between good and evil’

Navy Normandy Monument Project Underway
Walking the beaches of Normandy today and observing the many plaques and monuments there will give little clue that the U.S. Navy ever was there.

Katrina-damaged Battleship Park set to reopen Jan. 9
The USS Alabama and Battleship Memorial Park will finally reopen after being damaged by Katrina.

‘Army Water’ Makes Debut in Balad, Baghdad
3rd Corps Support Command opens water purifying and bottling plant. Should help cut down on the need to truck so much water in from Kuwait and elsewhere.

First Galileo Satellite On Orbit To Demonstrate Key Technologies
European GPS gets started. And Space Daily finally ditches those zzz5 and zzzzzzz3 URLs.

An Explosion On The Moon
12cm wide and 27km/s. Boom.

Delicately, radar and battleship reunite
Air search radar removed to fit the USS New Jersey under a bridge is being reinstalled on the museum. Small pic accompanies this small story.

Poland set to keep troops in Iraq through 2006
Decision to stay longer than planned comes amid domestic opposition


  1. Well, to be fair about D-Day naval operations, the US Navy wasn’t that significant a feature of those operations since it was mostly committed elsewhere. The brunt of operations was borne by British and Commonwealth naval forces. My mother had a close personal connection with HMS Boadicea which was torpedoed just after D-Day, and she frequently attended that ship’s memorial services. I don’t mean by this to belittle any contribution from individual US sailors who really were there, or to suggest that they weren’t heavily involved in the landing side of things, just to explain why the US Navy wouldn’t show up as significantly as all that in memorials in Normandy. It would have got people’s backs up far more even than casting Errol Flynn and US forces as being involved in the Burma campaign.

  2. Wow, i can just envision the movie about Farris Hassan’s ‘week off’. I wonder who they’ll get as lead actor? What a funny story, Murdoc, thanks for making me laugh more than ever this week