Happy New Year!

You may not have noticed (and judging by the traffic meters…you haven’t!), but posting has slowed considerably of late. To be honest, I’ve really enjoyed the lull a bit. Sort of a chance to recharge the ol’ batteries and all.

I intend for regular posting to resume tomorrow (Tuesday). Meanwhile, I’ve got to get back to Roller Coaster Tycoon, which my daughter received from Santa. I think the elves mismarked the package. Her name and mine start with the same couple of letters and it would be an easy mistake to make.

In between Roller Coaster marathon sessions (okay, okay, when the kids kick me off the computer…) I’ve been reading Droidmaker: George Lucas and the Digital Revolution by Michael Rubin. It’s sort of choppily-written and edited, but it’s an immensely enjoyable and informative book about the origins of Industrial Light & Magic, THX, digital film editing, film-less movie-making, and everything. I’ve always maintained that George Lucas, no matter what you think of the STAR WARS prequels, is really just the worlds biggest independent filmmaker. But I had no idea how totally true that was.

I’ve also long argued that Lucas and his gang are largely responsible for much of the technological advance in film-making, and I don’t mean just special effects. That, too, is detailed. If you’re interested in this sort of thing, DROIDMAKER is the book for you. Santa got this one right, and I thank him heartily for it.

Finally, I’ll leave you all with a cool pic from Navy News Stand:

San Diego (Dec. 28, 2005) — Electrician’s Mate 3rd Class Brandon Wilkerson of Simms, Texas, change light bulbs on the island aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76). Reagan is currently pier side in its homeport of San Diego undergoing final preparations for an upcoming deployment. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 3rd Class Aaron Burden (RELEASED)

I hope you’re all having a great New Year.


  1. One thing one of my kids showed me about ‘Roller Coaster Tycoon’: You can send an entire roller coaster full of people off the end of an incomplete setup. The coaster and cyberpeople will go sailing off into space, and impact with a flaming thud on the ground. Pretty bizarre.