Even if true, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything

‘US planning strike against Iran’

Jerusalem Post:

The United States government reportedly began coordinating with NATO its plans for a possible military attack against Iran.

The German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel collected various reports from the German media indicating that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are examining the prospects of such a strike.

Of course, maybe we really are serious. But don’t lose sight of the fact that the military is always planning all sorts of stuff.

Given the current political situation, it would be irresponsible not to have a couple dozen plans ready, each designed around certain parameters and specific goals. That’s how the military works. But then some journalist learns something and suddenly thinks he’s somehow stumbled onto the scoop of the century.

Face it. The US military has plans to attack pretty much everyone everywhere. It’s their responsibility to be ready. Some folks, of course, get far more serious consideration than others. Iran is on the “Keep all plans up to date” list, and for good reason. And many of those plans involve coordination with allies, NATO or otherwise.

The last thing we want to happen is for the phone call to come down from that Iran needs to be attacks in the next six hours but that no one in the military has really given it much thought. Give me a break, people. We had better have good target lists for every corner of the globe, and more than a general idea how we’d go about obliterating every one of them if necessary.

More on the breathless reporting of military plans here.


  1. I saw something over the weekend on the news, sorry don’t remember the station, about the US war plan for the invasion of Canada. That’s right! It was first put together around 1900. I’m not sure if it has been updated since. Also, Canada has a plan to invade the US. Neither, had a specific reason to make the plan. But, what do you think military planners do on a slow day?

  2. Yes why yes the US military is always involved in war gaming and contingency plans. They will still be tinkering with the ‘what if things’ after the smoke has settled from the Israeli strikes have been carried off. The interesting part will be, ‘How good is the Mossad, and the Aman?’ Will they get all the stuff?

  3. Jim: Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if any intel details of the big US-NATO planning session were to end up with Israeli military personnel. As a courtesy in the off-chance it might come in handy…

  4. I think in this case the point is to try to scare Iran into complying before something really does happen. This sort of talk is mostly designed for their consumption, I’d say. Since if it was really being planned to happen letting it leak out like this would be undesirable. Or at least, if they thought nothing could be achieved by such scare tactics…

  5. Israel’s F-16I & F-15I were developed with Iran in mind. Personally I believe the story was ‘leaked’ with an eye to put some teeth into the diplomacy. Practically, Israel has a ‘need to know’. This is along the lines of the first gulf war – where Israel had to be shown that sitting on the sidelines is the best course of action. If you notice – the Iranian President has been rather harsh with respect to Israel. Deliberately provoking Israel into attacking Iran – and gain cover from the Arab world against the arrogant American’s and their Jewish allies.

  6. We’d almost be as stupid as those gutless, appeasing European governments if we didn’t have a plan to invade Iran. After all, wouldn’t you want to live under the shadow of threat from an Iranian nuclear missile? I know I would.

  7. Yanno, Iran expects the attack to come from Israel. So perhaps the noise level coming from NATO can be likened to that ‘Blackwidow’ nightfighter flying over the Jap POW camp in the Phillipines (ala The Great Raid). Simply a diversion to complicate Iranian war planning …. watch the NATO birdie, while the Israelis do what we all think they will do.

  8. I would not be surprised if there was an attack on Iran, all the reasons are there. But then again I would not be surprised if there was no attack on Iran, ever, all the reasons are there also. There are always deeper reasons for attacks, that never end up reaching our civilian ears. These are always the reasons that matter, but generally are top-secret, hence why the media end up without any answers. The media would love an up to date view on all the intelligence that the security agencies gather. But it is best that we all never know, but trust in our government.