Nocturnal RG-31 Mine Protective Vehicle

Soldiers from Troops Battalion, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, provide security for a convoy in east Baghdad, with their RG-31 Mine Protective Vehicle.


The fact that there’s such a wide range of vehicles and systems in service to protect against mines and IEDs indicates the severity and unpredictability of the problem. If one of the systems worked really well, everyone would be using that system. But it also indicates that the military is looking at all options and is not ignoring the threat.

More on the RG-31 here and here. The second link shows that the Canadians have integrated the RWS Remote Weapons Station (used by the Stryker) onto the RG-31.


  1. Neato! Looks like the way to get around Iraq. Does it have A/C? And carries 10? + a driver. Must be a lot bigger then a hmmv. Whats up with the second pic on the first link? Hey look, you can leave your rg31 on top of a burning tire!

  2. Looks like it has a large amount of ground clearance. I guess it helps deflect the blast. Any idea of how high the C.G. is on this? Looks pretty high to me.