Every Marine a shotgunner


Lance Cpl. Ryan B. Busse / U.S. Marine Corps – Members of Military Police Company, 1st Marine Logistics Group, fire their shotguns during a week-long exercise taught by the National Rifle Association on Jan. 9 at Camp Pendleton, Calif. The Marines learned pistol and shotgun techniques to help them prepare for deployment sometime this spring.

Pic from Frontline Photos. (You do check Frontline Photos every day, don’t you?)


  1. I thought shotguns were banned by the Geneva Convention? Not that the people likely to be targetted adhere to the convention but I thought the US did anyway just to be safe. I never could work out just WHY they’re banned, but that’s another issue… it’s not like getting shot with a shotgun is particularly worse than, say, a .50 cal.

  2. It is only banned when engaged in proper war: two sides fighting each other, both recognised by the Geneva convention. But since we are fighting people of a terrorist organisation, it is different. Hence also the detention of prisoners in Camp X-Ray. Weird, but it’s the way it has been deemed. I think it is simply down to that if you fight someone recognised by the Geneva convention, they will stick to the same rules. Hence making war a civilised thing.

  3. 12 gauge pump action Mossberg and Remingtons were frequently and effectively used in Nam. Some folks used a ‘fluted’ (duck bill) barrel which spread the shot to cover a wider area. No need for sights with this beauty. They’re far better than an M-16 in close quarter jungle furballs. Besides the pump action is practically jam-proof. That’s more than you can say for the ’16. Only down side is the ammo capacity.

  4. Plus I’ve seen some news on breeching charges for shotguns being in high demand. I’ll have to dig around for more on that if I get a chance. If someone has a link, post it. Hint. Hint.

  5. OMGUSUXLOLOL, The Geneva Convention only counts in Official Declared Wars. Afghanistan & Iraq are merely Terrorist Containment Actions. Ergo, Nukes, Nape, Snake, Willie Pete, BLU-82’s, battle axes, maces, broad swords, garrottes, chainsaws and SHOTGUNS are absolutely legit.

  6. Well, we declared war on terrorism. Back in ’01. I dunno if terrorism has signed the geneva conventions though.