Dragon Skin body armor

Dissing the Dragon?

Defense Tech notes that a couple of GIs claim (in a Soldiers For The Truth article) that their commander told them that if they were killed while wearing the Dragon Skin body armor, their insurance beneficiaries might not get their money. Defense Tech writes:

Some folks say the Skin is at least as tough as standard-issue armor, and it’s flexible, too — which should make it more comfortable. But, if I’m reading right, the basic Dragon Skin vest weighs about 8 lbs. more than the Interceptor OTV armor that soldiers generally wear now. That extra weight, I’m guessing, is the reason why one commander tried to spook his men out of their Skin. And I have a feeling this is just one commander’s words — not some Pentagon-wide directive, as SFTT implies. We’ll see.


  1. That wouldn’t make sense. If you’re killed on duty, the DoD pays your beneficiaries. Doesn’t matter if it’s crossing Tank Destroyer Blvd on Ft. Hood or in a firefight in Djibouti. And I’ve already claimed the name ‘Firefight in Djibuoti’ for my first album.

  2. Apropos armor – there was a story going round circa 2002 about synthetic spider silk (made by genetically modified goats) that would be twice as strong as Kevlar. It sounds like a joke, but I remember checking the date and it wasn-

  3. The spider silk armor tech is still under development. The problems, as I understand them, is been able to mass produce the thread in large scales. It is in the laboratory stage.

  4. ted : I heard the insurgents are working on Improvised Vorpal Blade technology to defeat the new Mithril armour, as we type…

  5. The most recent bush body armor debacle seems to point up two different aspects to the issue: body armor that covers more area- the sides, and possibly armored shorts to protect against femoral artery bleed out. and the dragon skin armor which sounds like its got more of a scale mail composition inside- small plates the size of a quarter that give the whole vest the SAPI level of protection. And good news, http://www.military.com/NewsContent/0,13319,85730,00.html Army Secretary Endorses New Body Armor Associated Press | January 19, 2006 WASHINGTON – Soldiers should be required to wear new ceramic body armor plates even though they add weight and may limit mobility, Army Secretary Francis Harvey said Wednesday.

  6. I’m not so sure that’s good news. Plenty of the soldiers have said the armour without the extra plates is already heavy enough and they won’t be able to do their jobs properly with any more. I think they should be encouraged to wear the extra plates, but not required. Who knows their requirements better than the people themselves? Anything else would be beuracratic meddling and likely to kill more than it will save.