For Shame

As this site has grown, I’ve pretty much quit blogging about sports. But there’s one thing that Murdoc has to say:

It’s a crime that Art Monk has been denied entry into the Pro Football Hall of Fame for a third consecutive year.

Between his retirement and his eligibility, others have surpassed his then-record numbers. This surely lessened the significance of his 106 receptions in 1984 or his 940 career catches. Both were records when he retired, though both have since been eclipsed as NFL offenses have opened it up through the air.

What stands out for me (Full Disclosure: Murdoc’s a major Redskins fan) is the fact that Monk was a big guy when all the receivers were little guys. He wasn’t fast, he was in the right place at the right time. He wasn’t flashy, he was on the field doing his job and doing it well.

Virtually every season, the WR opposite Monk was the one that was in the highlight reels. But virtually every season it was Monk that made the clutch catches when it mattered the most. Gary Clark might catch the winning pass in the fourth quarter, but Monk caught two third down conversions on the way to the red zone.

Monk was the consummate professional. He was a solid member of many good (and a couple great) teams. He deserves the Hall.


  1. Yeah, reminds me of Walter Payton, who wasn’t the fastest, wasn’t the flashiest, didn’t always get the longest gains, but play after play after play after play he was exactly where he needed to be. And he never got much respect ’til near the end of his career.

  2. Well, I’d like to be sure that everyone understands that I don’t want to equate Art Monk with Walter Payton. But both were cut from the same mold, I think, and both were class acts on the field and off. I also don’t want to short-change those that ARE elected. While I may have some minor quibbles with some selections, disparaging electees because your guy doesn’t make the cut is too much like sour grapes for Murdoc. I’ll save my sour grapes for national politics…

  3. Murdoc, you’re a skins fan??? Charlie and I adore the skinnies, I grew up in DC. And Amen to everything you said there, Monk deserves the Hall. Remember the glory days of the ’92 Super Bowl? Man he should have been MVP, not Mark Rypien.