Two great posts at DID

Defense Industry Daily has two recent posts that are probably of interest to MO readers. The first is New Stryker Variants Gear Up for Testing.

MO noted the delivery of the first Mobile Gun System (MGS) Stryker only a week after the first NBC Recon Stryker was delivered.

The MGS has had a troubled development history, but if the bugs have been worked out it will be a welcome addition to the arsenal. Its 105mm cannon will provide the punch that the Strykers have been lacking.

On a related note, does anyone have any info about the M8 AGS vehicles that were supposed to be sent to Iraq? How about the Stryker 105mm howitzer prototype?

Next up at DID is a post on the M80 Stiletto: Stiletto Stealth Ships: Look Different. Ride Different. Buy Different.

MO noted the Stiletto low-wake vehicle last month. The DID post has a ton of links and more.

Go read them both.

There’s also a thread at Free Republic about the Stryker post if you’re interested.