Friday Linkzookery – 03 Mar 2006

After a two-week hiatus, Linkzookery is back and zookier than ever. So stop sending me “Where’s the Linkzookery?” emails already!

Delta 351
Radio traffic humor at South Park Pundit. Be sure to read the comments. Sort of via Mr. C

The wrong weapons for the Long War
Max Boot, in the LA Times, seems to be a proponent of over-compensating. I don’t really agree, at least not nearly to the extent that he thinks is reasonable.

Wilmington may save USS Kitty Hawk
If successful, they’d moor her near the USS North Carolina. Though this is all years away, the amount of money and planning required means that they had better get started now.

Rand Simberg on bloggers as journalist.

Looking towards retirement
Chair Force Engineer notes that Atlantis will probably be the first shuttle put out to pasture.

Hospital trains for Oriskany diving injuries
To be sunk in over 200 feet of water this summer, with the superstructure about 60 feet down and the flight deck about 130, the artificial reef promises to lure many divers who insist on getting themselves into trouble.

Additional 1,000 Marines may be leaving Okinawa
Most of them would be going to Guam, which has got to be getting full.

Much more Linkzookery below the fold.

Rimfire Roundup #4
If you’ve got some good stuff, send it on to Mr. Completely.

Army still values Airborne, despite rare combat jumps
ACE on the Airborne.

How not to be offensive
Because it’s timely and we haven’t had a good Python reference on MO for a while…

Firearms sales soaring at Knox PX
First PX gun shop in the CONUS. Some are apparently concerned that military personnel now have on-base access to firearms.

e-Postal Handgun Match #6 “VORTEX”
Print it out. Shoot it up. Send it in.

The lamp under the bushel basket
Info in the Information Age on Belmont Club. Several readers tipped Murdoc off to this.

Four Brothers to Deploy Together, Write It Down
“Four brothers, all Army Reserve officers, are deploying to Iraq with the same division and are planning to chronicle their experiences in a forthcoming book.”

Iraqi Air Force Spreads its Wings
Talk about a long way to go. Still, they’re moving ahead.

Stealth Sharks May Patrol The World’s Seas
Now if we could just get some frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads.

DoD 2007 Budget Proposal Matches 1995 GDP Percentage
I’ve been meaning to do a piece on the size of the military budget. But I haven’t. So go read this instead.

Army Transformation at Sea: The New Theater Support Vessel
TSV-1 Spearhead and beyond.

Google’s Big Daddy
Google’s plan for a central data center so all queries give identical results. And probably help crush Chinese surfers under the jackboot of capitalism.

Stryker Clones Displace Tracks in Europe
They jury’s still out, but wheels seem to be gaining momentum.

Mental Strain of War
“Almost 20% of Iraq veterans report a mental health problem, while 11% of Afghanistan veterans report a problem. “

Australian Hornets to Fly With JASSMs
eDefense covers it. More here.

Russia Recognizes Two U.S. Officers for Help in Sub Rescue
Very cool.

Air Force, Army Gain Ground On Cargo Plane Plan
The on-again off-again collaboration is on again. It will be called the Joint Cargo Aircraft.

U.S. Air Force wants ban lifted on plane retirements
The USAF is aking Congress to let them retire oldies so they can afford new ones. Apparently the congressmen supporting the ban don’t have aircraft factories in their districts.

NASA Sets Media Rollout Of CEV Model
A scale model of the Crew Exploration Vehicle will be shown on March 7th. That’s a one-week delay from the original schedule. That doesn’t bode well.

Think Solar Not Nuclear For The Energy Of The Future
Murdoc’s long been skeptical of solar being a large-scale solution. And the solution needs to be large-scale. Very large-scale.

Running A French Farm On Rapeseed Oil And Manure
Okay. This makes solar look viable.

China Ranks Among Worlds Most Wasteful Users Of Resources
Yep. We’re talking about the same China, then.

Avian influenza: significance of mutations in the H5N1 virus
Chuck Simmins tipped me off to this nice understandable summary from the WHO.

Lockheed Martin Successfully Conducts Guided Flight Test of Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System II
Hellfire Junior, a 2.75-inch version of the 7-inch Hellfire. Should be quite handy on both choppers and UAVs.

Learn from Europe’s past
Could Asia be preparing to replay the events in 1900-1950 Europe?

Task Forces Bolster OIF, OEF Maritime Security
Seaborne piracy/terrorism seems to be getting more attention lately. Good.


  1. Well it’s about time! As someone whose entire blog consists of Linkzookery, I’m glad to see that it’s still alive somewhere else.

  2. Japanese Make Gasoline From Cattle Dung! As a former commuter of I-5, a road that makes your eyes water if the wind shifts over the mini mountains of cow dung. Now this is a story has some possibilities.;_ylt=AoEaJGRw4pKWxLqlW.wSNuus0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3ODdxdHBhBHNlYwM5NjQ-

  3. ‘Hellfire Junior, a 2.75-inch version of the 7-inch Hellfire. Should be quite handy on both choppers and UAVs.’ Sounds perfect for road-rage deterent use. I wonder if I could buy a couple from

  4. The Guam story made me go ‘AHA!’ My cousin was out there a few months ago as assistant engineer on a new septic system. ‘Guam?’ I thought, ‘why do they need so much septic capacity on Guam?’ … And here’s my answer. BTW, septic system engineering is not very glamorous, but if you’re only a few years out of engineering school, being flown out to Guam for a job is probably about as good as it gets.