Super Hornets and unmanned Strykers

The Officer’s Club has a pic of an F/A-18 up, and according to the caption its one with the new AESA radar. Cool pic.

They also point out the recent test of autonomous Stryker convoys. I’ve meant to write about this for several days but haven’t managed to get to it. Go read OC for more.

I wanted to hit the Chicago Auto Show this past weekend and check out the Stryker once again, but no dice.


  1. I like this picture of that clunky chunk of ‘T’ extrusion they use to f’up the flow over the wing and fuselage from the leading edge extension. It’s nice that it keeps the verticals attached but you’d think an airplane that was worth a damn would not have that problem to begin with (and yes, they had the same problem with the F-22).

  2. I went to the Chicago Auto Show last sunday; they Stryker exhibit was the exact same as last year. Just more 5-year-old kids. I find it surprising that so many people can’t track a person for anything.