Not in our right minds

Dozens Angry Over Army Assault Vehicle on Display

Leave it to anti-war protesters to overstate the threat of the Stryker. After five years of constant grumbling from many in military circles over the new vehicle’s supposed inadequacy, Not In Our Name is upset over the show of force in a Stryker display:

Anti-war protestors are demonstrating outside the Blaisdell Center. There is a health and fitness exposition inside that coincides with the Great Aloha Run.

The protestors are upset the Army has one of its new Stryker assault vehicles on display.

Demonstrators with the organization, “Not In Our Name” are picketing the Army’s assualt vehicle saying it is a weapon designed to quell urban unrest.

The Stryker family of wheeled vehicles consists of the following variants: Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV); Mobile Gun System (MGS); Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle (NBC RV); Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM); Medical Evacuation Vehicle (MEV); Mortar Carrier (MC); Engineer Squad Vehicle (ESV); Command Vehicle (CV); Fire Support Vehicle (FSV); and the Reconnaissance Vehicle (RV).

No word so far on the the Urban Unrest Queller Assault Vehicle (UUQAV), but Murdoc hopes it’s heavily-armed. And a big steamroller attachment for particularly dense areas of unrest might not be completely out of line.

Meanwhile, the protests really put a damper on the Aloha Run event, as so many participated that they ran out of T-shirts. The military was well represented among the 22,000 runners in the 8.15 mile race:

The race began with the “Sounds of Freedom” group; 4,800 military members running in formation with their flags flying high.

As long as we can keep them running fun runs and singing, they won’t have the time or energy to quell us.


  1. Demonstrators with the organization, ‘Not In Our Name’ are picketing the Army’s assualt vehicle.’ I wonder if they made the vehicle feel bad? I like the steamroller idea on the Urban Queller! They need to line the sides with claymore mines to take out anyone not flattened. One of those tank flame-throwers like they had in WWII would also be a nice feature. I can’t wait until my unit gets our Urban Quellers!

  2. ‘One of those tank flame-throwers like they had in WWII would also be a nice feature.’ Unfortunately Bram, those tanks used jellied gasoline (NAPALM) to roast the enemy and the ‘post-Vietnam’ peace woosies convinced someone in Washington that wasn’t the politically correct way to destroy the enemy. So the flamethrower tanks are out. How about we get a bunch of depleted Uranium rods and shape them into 6-foot long razor-sharp blades and attach them to the Strykers wheels. No law against MOWING down some of them ‘Not in our name’ weeds!

  3. Shazzam! Afraid I’m not quite up to snuff in this blood thirsty (liberal socialist blood to be sure! LOL!) crew. I was just thinking hurray for the protesters; opinions are just like #$%@&^^(………..everybody’s got one. LOL!

  4. If they want ‘unquelled urban unrest’ why don’t they move to Paris? They sound like surrender monkeys to me, and I’m sure they can learn to like cheese.

  5. Steamroller’s not the best idea – it makes for a very slippery road surface. Something along the lines of a spiked cow catcher is better. Maybe use an onboard generator to get some voltage up between spike sets. Sort of a cross between a lawn mower and a bug zapper. You could even use it at low speed and low voltage as a ‘move along’ suggestion.

  6. ‘If they want ‘unquelled urban unrest’ why don’t they move to Paris?’ Heck Nicholas, they don’t even have to go that far East: Feb. 27 .. Riots in Dublin’s city center two days ago (Saturday) cost retailers around 10 million euros ($11.9 million) in lost trading as many shops in Ireland’s capital were forced to close, according to business lobby groups. More than 40 people were arrested, and 14 people were injured during the riots. Dublin Council said it would cost 50,000 euros to repair the damage on O’Connell Street, where rioters used concrete blocks from building works on the street as missiles. They can even enjoy a pint of GUINNESS after the riot!

  7. Sweet. What’s better than a little looting, some light arson and then a couple of refreshing beverages? Even better, there are no Strykers in Ireland, so one can enjoy the urban unrest in its pure and unadulterated form. No danger of being quelled there while throwing a brick through a shop window. No sir. Wouldn’t want that, would we? Hmm, I think my Norse/Viking ancestry is showing. I just can’t repress the genetic loot/rape/pillage inclination. All I need is a horned hat and you wouldn’t be able to tell me from Hagar the Horrible! (I even have his table manners.)